Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: Where To Find All Of The Pieces Of The Galloglach Armor Set

The Galloglach Armor Set is Wolf-aligned gear that you can find in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. It is made for ranged combat, but it can be very versatile for those who like to switch between builds. This gear also provides two bonuses that increase melee damage when hitting enemies with finishers and adds an additional increase to any melee damage.

If you find yourself going the Way of the Wolf, then it might be in your best interest to seek out this armor sooner than later. However, the areas in which it is located are riddled with high-power enemies, so use your best judgment before pursuing the Galloglach Armor Set!

Galloglach Helm

  • Location: Halstead Outpost, Essexe

The Galloglach Helm can be found in Halstead Outpost, but it requires a bit of an explosion to reach. You will come across a stone wall with a door that is locked from the other side. If you look to the right of the door you will see a breakable rock wall.

You can either find an explosive red pot to throw at it, or you can use an ability called the Incendiary Powder Trap. Once you break it down, then head to the right and you will see the chest sitting there just waiting to be opened.


  • Armor: 32
  • Evasion: 15
  • Light Resistance: 22
  • Heavy Resistance: 28
  • Weight: 13

Galloglach Cape

  • Location: Brentwood Outpost, Essexe

The gear is located on the far side of the outpost, so it is recommended you go from the outer wall, rather than the front gate. If you run around the backside you will come across a rock near a tower with an open doorway butted up against the wall.

Jump from the rock to this tower, climb up, and jump off on the other side. Head to your left and assassinate the guard standing in front of a building, then keep running straight past the animal cages to retrieve the key. You can find it sitting on a table, and you might have to take out some guards in order to reach it.

Finally, run back to the doorway that the first soldier was guarding and use the key to unlock the door. The chest will be sitting inside and all you have to do is loot it to add the Galloglach Cape to your inventory.


  • Armor: 26
  • Evasion: 14
  • Light Resistance: 28
  • Heavy Resistance: 22
  • Weight: 13

Galloglach Bracers

  • Location: Lincoln, Lincolnscire

If you travel west of the Lincoln Sewers to the opposite side of the city, you will come across an open building surrounded by soldiers. You will want to enter it from the northern side and then head to the left once inside.

You will find a small room and the chest can be looted from within it. However, beware of the soldiers and not draw their attention to you, especially if you decide to go after the set with a low power level.


  • Armor: 28
  • Evasion: 13
  • Light Resistance: 27
  • Heavy Resistance: 23
  • Weight: 14

Galloglach Trousers

  • Location: Bolingbroc Castle, Lincolnscire

The first step to acquiring these is to infiltrate the inner castle grounds, which requires a key. There will be a banneret standing on a platform just inside the walls and you will have to take him out in order to acquire it. You can either fight or assassinate him, as both are possible with him in this location, but just make sure you have the Advanced Assassination skill unlocked.

Once the key is in your hands, you need to run toward the more heavily fortified inner castle wall which is surrounded by wooden spikes. There is a door that leads to the other side and you must use the key to unlock it and gain entry.

You will see a building to your right and one tip is that it is a guaranteed fight unless you can loot quickly and then run for the hills. If you run into the open front entryway the chest will be directly to your left and it contains the Galloglach Trousers.


  • Armor: 27
  • Evasion: 14
  • Light Resistance: 25
  • Heavy Resistance: 25
  • Weight: 13

Galloglach Armor

  • Location: Spalding Bandit Lair, Lincolnscire

The Galloglach Armor is surrounded by bandits and hidden behind a locked door. You must first acquire the key, which can be found on the Hurler, one of the enemies you will encounter in the game, who will be standing on one of the catwalks near the center of the village. You can assassinate him if you want as there is really no one else to see.

Next, look for the golden hue emanating from one of the buildings and run to the side that is facing the water. There will be a locked door and you can use the key to let yourself inside. The chest will be sitting there for you to loot, and the best part is that it is easy to avoid attention by sticking to the rooftops in the village.


  • Armor: 32
  • Evasion: 14
  • Light Resistance: 23
  • Heavy Resistance: 27
  • Weight: 13

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