Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: Where To Find All Of Order Members From The Wardens Of War Branch

A major aspect of Assassin’s Creed lore is the elimination of the Templars, and in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla this group is known as the Order of the Ancients. There are five branches to this organization, as well as Zealots and a Grand Maegester. One of these branches is called The Wardens of War and there are seven members to eliminate.

Often times you will have to uncover clues to reveal the true identity of a member, but this branch is a bit different. Most of the members will be revealed through the story, or by simply building the Hidden Ones Bureau in Ravensthorpe. You will want to kill them all in order to progress through the Order and figure out the identity of the Grand Maegester!

The Cruel (Kjotve the Cruel)

Location: Kjotve’s Fortress, Rygjafylke, Norway

This is one Order member you won’t have to seek out as you will meet him as part of the story. It is one of the first boss fights you will encounter in the game and he is one of the easier bosses you will face due to how early you face him in the game. There are a few tips you can follow to make this fight easier.

In the first part of the fight, he uses his fists, which is where your bow and arrow will come in handy. The second phase has him pulling out his axes and his level of aggression continues to climb. For a full guide on how to beat Kjotve the Cruel you can read here on the best way to defeat him.

The Scabbard (Leofgifu)

Location: Military Camp at Utbech, Grantebridgescire

The Scabbard’s name is Leofgifu and she is found at the military camp at Utbech in Grantebridgescire, which is not too far from Grantebridge. Her location is automatically revealed once you build the Hidden Ones Bureau in Ravensthorpe, meaning you don’t have to find any clues to locate this Order member.

The camp is in a swampy part of this region and you can usually find Leofgifu by the water’s edge, but beware of the fellow soldiers in the area. One tip is to use your crew to raid this area due to its proximity to water but it is recommended you wait until Level 20 before taking on this foe.

The Baldric (Hunta, Son Of Hunta)

Location: Ledecestre, Ledecestrescire

The Baldric is also known as Hunta, Son of Hunta, and they are another order member whose identity is automatically revealed following the building of the Hidden Ones Bureau in Ravensthorpe through upgrades. There is a market in Ledecestre near the synchronization point and this is where you will find this Order member, but he is under constant guard.

His weapon of choice is a bow and arrow, but if you are smart about your attack he won’t even hit you once. It is fairly easy to assassinate Hunta, Son of Hunta, but you will probably want to be Level 20 before attempting this feat.

The Leech (Sister Frideswid)

Location: Lunden

It is quite a power jump to be able to defeat Sister Frideswid, as it is recommended you reach Level 90 before going after her. The Leech’s identity is revealed after you have followed the Lunden storyline, which is one of the best in the game, and completed the main quest called Bleeding the Leech.

You will also kill her as part of the quest itself and you will find her in a building filled with sick Saxons who she has been using to uncover the truth behind diseases and human anatomy. She isn’t hard to kill, and many choose to assassinate her, although the hardest part is getting past the guards who defend the building.

The Arrow (Avgos Spearhand)

Location: Lunden

The Arrow is another Order member whose identity is revealed during the Lunden story arc after completing a quest called Firing the Arrow. His real name is Avgos Spearhand and he runs the archery challenge that Eivor weasels her way into, but you should strive to be a Level 90.

There will be a cut scene where Eivor appears on stage with the other archers while Avgos Spearhand gives a speech, and this is where you will kill him. You can either kill him while he is still finishing up or wait for him to leave the stage and nearby guards so you can make a clean escape.

The Compass (Vicelin)

Location: Lunden

The Compass’s name is Vicelin, and you should be a Level 90 before taking him head-on. You will uncover his identity in Lunden after completing the Walls and Shadows quest, but you won’t face him until the Smash the Compass quest.

This is another boss fight, so make sure you have an overpowered build, and your best bet is to blow up the exploding red pots around him on his ship. Your dodge is your best weapon when using a melee build against Vicelin, but many prefer a ranged build for this fight.

The Keel (Gorm Kjotvesson)

Location: Narfljot Camp, Vinland

The Keel is none other than Kjotve The Cruel’s son, a man named Gorm. His location is unlocked once you have built the Hidden One’s Bureau and killed all of the other Order members of the Wardens of War branch.

His exact camp is unknown when you first land in Vinland, but his location is Narflogt Camp. However, since you land with nothing it is smart to take some time to trade for weapons, but this list will help you understand what you need to know about Vinland.

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