Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: How To Complete Every Mystery In Vinland

During Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, you go to numerous exciting places to either make allies or bring down the Order of the Ancients. One of the most unusual locations you visit is Vinland, as it doesn’t have much civilization. In fact, will there you’ll only meet a tribe, a small village, and a group of unsavory characters.

Despite the lack of people, there’s still plenty of things to do in Vinland. One of the best ways to spend time is to discover and complete the area’s several mysteries. However, you have to do them without your best weapons and equipment, but this guide should make it easier.

A Dead Man’s Tale

At the objective marker for ‘A Dead Man’s Tale,’ you will find a corpse. Read the nearby note to discover that the dead man wants his remains carried to Nyhofn.

His desired resting place is slightly southwest of the body – where you originally entered Vinland. Pick up the guy and carry him to the location. Once there, a woman will notice you, and a cutscene will trigger. It doesn’t matter what you say to her, as the quest will finish regardless.

Standing Stones: Tionontate:ken

Every Standing Stones puzzle requires that you use Odin sight to reveal patterns on rocks, then look at them from a specific perspective to make them join up and form an image.

For the Vinland one, you need to move two objects out of the way first as they’re blocking the pattern. So, push both of the obstructers to the left of the image. Once they’re out of the way, climb the tall stone in the center and line up the design using the game’s camera.

Legendary Animal: O Yan Do’ Ne

There are plenty of Legendary Animals in the game, and most are very tough to take down. The O Yan Do’ Ne in Vinland is particularly tricky because you don’t have your usual arsenal. So, make sure you’ve traded with the island’s residents for the club and some armor at the very least.

During the fight, it’s vital that you dodge his charge and kick attacks as they both cause plenty of damage. When he’s stationary, try attacking him from the sides as it’ll make it harder for him to hit you. When you’ve wiped out his entire health bar, the mystery will be complete.

Flight Of Fancy

To begin ‘Flight of Fancy,’ you’ll need to converse with the woman standing on a cliff. She’ll reveal that her bird Arne has just ‘flown’ off the ledge and can’t find his way back up.

Do a small leap of faith off of the cliff to find the turkey waiting. The bird will follow you, so all you need to do is lead the animal back up to where his mother is standing. At times, he’ll try to peck you, but you must resist the urge to fight back.

Ursine Takeover

The ‘Ursine Takeover‘ mystery is found at Vithrloekr, which is a camp filled with bears. To complete the quest, you’re supposed to kill the large animals and save the man they’re terrorizing.

As you don’t have the best weapons in the game at your disposal, the bears are pretty tough to fight. But if you’ve got a bow and are not above cheap tactics, you can climb a nearby cliff or one of the cages in the camp and fire arrows at the beasts. When they’re down, you need to talk to the man you’ve just saved to end the mystery.

Cairn: Ionhontsiio:ke

Cairn mysteries task you with stacking stones to reach a certain height. Completing puzzles like these can be finicky as it only takes one wrong placement to cause all of your stones to fall.

However, at least there are always multiple ways to build a Cairn. A method that works for the Vinland one is simply stacking them from biggest to smallest, making sure they’re all as flat as possible. Yet, beware that regardless of how you attempt the construction, they’ll likely be some frustrating moments.

Breaking Teeth, Not Hearts

Initiating the ‘Breaking Teeth, Not Hearts‘ mystery might not seem possible at first. This is because, even though it’s on the map, you can’t do the mystery until you’ve completed ‘Ursine Takeover‘ and ‘Flight Of Fancy.’

Once those other quests are finished, the people you met during them will be in Nynofn sitting by a campfire with another hunter. Talk to the stranger to start ‘Breaking Teeth, Not Hearts‘ and join their hunting party. All you need to do is follow your allies, while they search for a dangerous beast. Upon locating the target, kill it to end the quest.

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