Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: Best Runes For Armor

Armor is very important in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla as it is the one thing that stands between your enemy’s blade and desynchronization. You will need to upgrade your armor with ingots and find various pieces around the map to take your gameplay to the next level. However, this isn’t the only thing you can do to enhance your ability to stay alive during battle.

The developers have implemented something called runes, and they enhance your combat style in various ways. Diamond runes were not included and what runes you choose to use will also depend upon your build. It is worth your while to explore the map so you can collect them all and make Eivor the best assassin to ever live!

Melee Build Runes

Most players will choose to run a melee build for their combat style, as this Assassin’s Creed seems to put a larger focus on this style of fighting. You can be ready with your bearded axes or great sword, as well as armor that is equipped with runes to enhance this playstyle.

Great Rune Of Life (+18.9 Health)

The Great Rune of Life grants you +18.9 extra health, and even its basic version offers players +14.9 health. This is great for both builds as health is always needed to survive in a fight, especially if you haven’t upgraded your rations. You will also find this comes in handy when battling bosses such as the Daughters of Lerion (if you want to acquire Thor’s Armor) or legendary animals as you will need it to come out on top.

Great Bulwark Rune (+3.3 Heavy Resistance)

The Great Bulwark Rune is great for melee builds as it grants an extra +3.3 resistance against heavy attacks. You will surely need this as being up close and personal with an opponent you are guaranteed to be hit by at least one of these types of attacks. These attacks cannot be parried or blocked which is why this rune can help you create an overpowered build.

Rune Of Protection (+2.7 Light Resistance)

The Rune of Protection grants you +2.7 light damage resistance, and some even find this useful for their ranged builds. It not only helps against archers’ arrows, but it will grant you some resistance when facing light attacks. Those who have not yet mastered the art of parrying often find this useful as it gives them an edge against their attackers.

Aegis Rune (+1.8 Elite Damage Resistance)

Elites are found all over the map, which is why the Aegis Rune is so useful as it grants you +1.8 Elite Damage Resistance.

When these foes strike, they hit hard and fast which is why you will need all the help you can get. This rune can give you an extra few seconds of life that are needed to finish off these elite opponents.

Shield Rune (+2.8 Melee Resistance)

The Shield Rune grants +2.8 melee resistance and it is something that a lot of players love to use with their melee build. The close-quarter combat makes it easy to sustain melee damage, and this rune can give you a bit of an edge in these fights. The resistance might seem low, but in the end, it is enough to help you defeat tougher enemies such as Zealots.

Ranged Build Runes

If you prefer stealth to all-out combat then this is the build you probably use the most. A bow and arrow might be your thing and luckily there are a few runes that can assist you when using this weapon. They can take your gameplay from subpar to something that could compete with the pros as you gain a new appreciation for the Vikings.

Great Assassin Rune (+3.3 Assassination Damage)

A lot of people who use ranged builds often like to hide in the shadows, which is why the Great Assassin Rune is a perfect fit. It grants you +3.3 assassination damage, which can help you take down tougher enemies from a distance. One tip is that you will be able to take out all of your enemies without ever being seen all thanks to this rune and its special perk.

Hunter Rune (+2.0 Ranged Damage)

When using a bow and arrow you are obviously inflicting ranged damage on an opponent. The Hunter Rune increases this by +2.0 and there is no reason not to equip this rune when choosing this type of build. When faced with the decision to inflict more or less damage, the choice should be simple for you to make.

Safeguard Rune (+2.5 Ranged Resistance)

The Safeguard Rune is another one that was created just for ranged builds as it provides +2.5 Ranged Resistance. If you use a bow then you will love this as it protects you from other archers and projectiles that may be headed your way.

It will give you more time to hit your shots and protect you in the off chance you happen to be targeted by numerous ranged enemies at once.

Shadow Rune (+1.5 Stealth Damage)

This is another rune that is great for sneaking around forts and other restricted areas with your bow as it grants +1.5 stealth damage. It might not seem like a lot, but anything is better than being discovered in a highly guarded area. This rune can help you take out more enemies, especially those with a higher power level, as you seek to deplete their health before heading into a full-scale attack.

Great Shell Rune (+5.0 Armor)

The Great Shell Rune is perfect for both builds as it grants +5.0 armor, but some would see it as more beneficial for a bow user. The reason why is that they are susceptible to more damage, especially if they find themselves in close range with an enemy who refuses to be put down. This additional armor adds another layer of protection and by stacking these runes you can give yourself even more time to finish off an opponent in a fight.

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