Asmongold Opens Up About Streaming Hiatus And His Future

Asmongold has released a detailed breakdown on his feelings about taking a break from streaming and what he plans to do going forward. After experiencing a massive wave of success upon the launch of World of Warcraft Classic this past summer, the Twitch streamer eventually found himself experiencing a desire to distance himself the platform in order to straighten out his thoughts.

Asmongold unpacks a lot throughout the video. Firstly, he felt uncomfortable being put in such a “mainstream” position as a result of the exposure he received. Along with the attention came an expectation to say certain things. He spoke about not being able to say what he wanted to, how he wanted to.

Secondly, he didn’t enjoy the wave of “clout-chasers” who had their own agendas and intentionally stirred up drama. The WoW streamer felt that he ran into issues with a lot of the community citing negativity, over-seriousness, and lack of intelligence as primary characteristics he didn’t respect.

In the end, Asmongold admitted that he will be going through a process of deciding how to approach the future. New games, text-to-speech implementation, and speaking his mind plainly were among the ideas he discussed – hinting at a return to Twitch sometime in March.

Although the odds of Asmongold starting a Tiktok are close to zero, we can expect to see him shake up his content in the near future.

Within the long-winded reflection, Asmongold eventually admitted to hating the last 3-4 months of his life. Along with dissatisfaction with his own stream, worrying about his family’s health and dealing with a breakup (with “Pink Sparkles”) both contributed to his recent sadness.

Despite the dark tone over most of the video, Asmongold is still optimistic about the future; He’s still active on Twitter and back to his normal humor, speculating over what game he wants to return to.

In summary, a lot of factors led to Asmongold’s burnout. It’s not uncommon for a streamer to grow tired of the spotlight, constantly dealing with the fatigue of being put under a microscope. Hopefully when he returns, he’ll get back to whatever it is he enjoys.

Sources: YouTube, Twitter

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