Asmongold Compares Andrew Tate To Martin Luther King On Twitch

Asmongold, one of the biggest streamers on Twitch, just used his platform to compare Andrew Tate to Martin Luther King. This came through Asmongold sharing the conspiracy theory that Tate was "set up" by "the government" – presumably including Romanian authorities – as he and his brother are arrested on human trafficking charges.

During the stream, Asmongold said that the chance of the Tate brothers being "fucked with" by the government is "probably 50 percent". He references the FBI and CIA's attempts to discredit and even eliminate Martin Luther King as an example of this, despite Tate's arrest relating to alleged offences in Romania – and the fact that Tate is not a civil rights activist that in any way challenges the United States government.

As reported by Dexerto, the comments came after someone in chat asked Asmongold for his thoughts on the Tate arrest, and whether or not it was under false pretences as Tate apologists are claiming.

“What’s the probability that the government wants to frame the Tate brothers? I don’t know, probably 50%. I think it's pretty high," says Asmongold, giving his views on the matter.

"The government frames people all the time. If we've seen anything from any of the leaks, from the way they tried to fuck with Martin Luther King and people like that – yeah absolutely the government fucks with people."

It's not clear how the US government's abuse of anyone it considered to have communist sympathies in any way relates to the Romanian police arresting the Tate brothers. During Andrew Tate's lengthy infamous career, he's not once put himself forward as an advocate for progressive social change, nor communism. It's not exactly clear what "the government" would go after him for, considering his extremely sexist beliefs are commonplace in alt-right circles.

In any case, Andrew Tate and his brother Tristan are being held by Romanian authorities until January 29 at the very least. Following a raid on five properties connected to the allegations, they were both charged with human trafficking and forming an organized crime group. They were arrested alongside two Romanian suspects, with authorities claiming to have identified six of their alleged victims, forced into creating pornography under threats of violence. Tate has denied these claims.

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