Argos PS5 restock TONIGHT? Time and date for next PlayStation 5 UK stock drop

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The PS5 is rumoured to be coming back in stock in the UK this week, with plenty of retailers – including Argos – expected to be opening orders once again for the in-demand console. After an extremely barren run in April where PS5 UK restocks were few and far between this week is expected to kick things up a few notches. Several UK retailers are rumoured to be taking orders for the PS5 once again this week including GAME, Very, John Lewis and Argos.

So when is Argos getting its next PS5 restock? This is what you need to know…


Argos could be taking orders for the PS5 as early as this week – but there’s a few caveats we need to mention.

Firstly, as is often the case Argos has not confirmed when their next PS5 restock will be – with PlayStation 5 stock hunters having to rely on leaked info and rumours from PS5 stock tracker accounts.

And the next Argos restock is no exception, with no confirmed restock date.

However, the @PS5StockAlertUK Twitter account has given PlayStation 5 stock hunters an idea of when the next restock could be.

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In a tweet over the weekend the account rounded up the dates and times that the next PS5 UK restocks could be going live at.

And the account said the next Argos PS5 restock could happen “May 11th/12th” between 1-4am.

In a separate tweet @PS5StockAlertUK went on to add: “Disclaimers: I’ve put the 12th into Argos this time as I’ve been told the staff have discount on all items throughout the weekend until the end of Tuesday, which may delay the drop by a day, time will tell.

“Argos & GAME are the only insider knowledge we have on that list.”

The PS5 stock tracker then went on to add: “Looks like staff discount ends Monday night, see you all Tuesday! Best of luck.”

So, from the looks of it it appears the next Argos PS5 restock could be going live in the early hours of Tuesday (previous Argos restocks have gone live around 1am and that is expected to be the case for the next stock drop).

HOWEVER, this is unconfirmed information and we’d hate for people to stay up late to find out stock – for one reason or another – hasn’t gone live at that time.

So as always with rumours it’s best to take it with a big punch of salt until official confirmation.

The second caveat to bear in mind is, according to the rumour mill, the next PS5 restock for the UK is meant to be a big one.

And this allegedly is causing delays which may mean PS5 UK restocks may miss their initial rumoured release windows.

This news comes courtesy of the @PS5Instant Twitter account who posted: “Due to large #PS5Restock it is taking longer than usual to process #PS5stock

“Currys sent #PS5UK codes out today! Check emails.

“Amazon & Very release 12-19th instead of 10-17th due to delay.

“ASDA (14th-21st) & Tesco is receiving #PS5UKstock too”.


Here are the latest rumoured PS5 restock dates, according to @PS5StockAlertUK…

– Argos: May 11th/12th (1-4am)

– GAME: May 11th-13th (9-10am)

– Amazon: May 10th-12th OR May 17th-19th (8-9am)

– Very: May 11th-13th (9-1pm)

– John Lewis: May 11th-13th (7-9am)

And here are rumoured PS5 restock dates according to @PS5Instant…

– Amazon: May 12-19th

– Very: May 12-19th

– ASDA: May 14th-21st

– Tesco: TBA

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