Apex Legends servers down: EA status latest as Code 100 issues return

Apex Legends servers are reportedly down again today on a number of platforms.

Problems have flared up again across several different EA-run services, including Apex Legends, FIFA 20 and the Origin platform.

The EA server support team has yet to confirm what is causing this weekend’s outages or how long they might last.

Meanwhile, Apex Legends gamers are seeing Code 100 issues, denying them access to live services and multiplayer.

“Was playing then switched to a different TV and now all of a sudden, it’s Code 100… Down in Chicago Illinois. Does anyone know what’s up with this?” One user writes online.

Another adds: “Kinda tilted, was down to a 3 v 2 in ranked then got kicked.”

From the current outage maps being shared online, it appears that today’s EA server outage is affecting gamers across the globe.

The final message from the EA Help team yesterday reads: “The issues affecting EA and EA Help services has been resolved. Thanks so much for your patience!”

If the current outage continues to affect Apex Legends and other games, we would expect an update from EA in the coming hour.

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