Apex Legends Defiance Trailer Reveals Control Mode, Mad Maggie’s Abilities, And Prestige Skins

Apex Legends: Defiance arrives in just over a week, but you can get a peek at what’s coming in the new gameplay trailer. A revamped Olympus map, a new game mode, prestige skins, and our first look at Mad Maggie’s kit are all showcased in this high-stakes preview.

First, we take a look at the brand new limited-time game mode. Control pits two teams of nine Legends against each other in this king-of-the-hill-style mode. Players are tasked with controlling three locations, with each location granting points to its team. You'll have unlimited respawns so don't worry about dying, and there's a leaderboard where the best players' scores will be displayed.

Olympus has been sabotaged by Mad Maggie. Buildings, objects, and other stuff have been randomly teleported all over the city, making the familiar streets a minefield of displaced detritus.

And then there's Maggie herself. Today's trailer gives us a good look at Mad MAggie's kit for the very first time. Her tactical ability, Riot Drill, fires a flaming drill that can burn through cover. Her ultimate ability, Wrecking Ball, throws a massive spiked ball at opponents and drops speed-boosting pads in its wake. Getting hit with the ball deals massive damage.

Although it's hard to tell from the trailer, Maggie's passive gives her faster movement with a shotgun and highlights damaged enemies.

Also announced in the Defiance gameplay trailer was Apex Legends' three-year anniversary celebration bringing three full weeks of freebies. In week one, starting February 8 and running to February 15, get Octane and three thematic packs for free. Between February 15 and February 22, get Wattson and three thematic packs, and from February 22 to March 1 you can get Valkyrie, three thematic packs, and one legendary pack.

Apex's third anniversary will also bring its Third Anniversary Collection Event with no prestige skins for Caustic, Gibraltar, Revenant, Valkyrie, Bangalore, Loba, Lifeline, Crypto, Mirage, Bloodhound, Maggie, and Fuse.

Apex Legends: Defiance arrives on February 8.

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