Apex Legends: Complete Caustic Guide

If you want to feel like a supervillain while playing Apex Legends, then Caustic is the legend for you. Caustic specialises in dragging the enemy team down to their knees, and a well-timed ambush with Caustic and a solid team will make for some very swift squad wipes.

Caustic has been buffed and nerfed relentlessly over the course of Apex Legends, and yet he’s still one of the most fearsome legends to come up against in battle, especially if you’re fighting in a small area. For everything you need to know about this toxic masculine sharpshooter, just read on below for a full breakdown of his abilities, ideal weapons, and more.

Caustic’s Abilities In Apex Legends

In addition to the abilities Caustic has listed below, he also has the benefit of the Fortified ability, which allows him to take 15% less damage than most legends, to assuage his otherwise large hitboxes.

Tactical Ability – Nox Gas Trap

Caustic’s Nox Gas Trap is the signature weapon. Caustic simply throws down an inflating barrel, and when an enemy approaches it, it will detonate, dealing direct HP damage and slowing the enemies. In addition to this, an enemy within the gas will become visible to Caustic as long as they are within the gas and losing health – the only legend not affected by Caustic’s gas traps is Caustic himself, naturally.

Caustic can hold up to three cans at once, allowing him to quickly place traps around any room, and up to six can be placed on the ground at once. Using this ability in a closed space, like Kings Canyon’s Bunker, will work wonders, while using these traps in large open areas is less effective. Enemies can also shoot out the traps by aiming at the base, or by shooting before they fully inflate. They are perhaps most useful for blocking doors and entrances.

Passive Ability – Nox Vision

This is the ability that allows Caustic to see when enemies when they are affected by his gas. This vision does not show through walls and obstacles, though – it’s closer to a thermal sight, rather than a Bloodhound or Crypto scan.

Ultimate Ability – Nox Gas Grenade

This does exactly what it sounds like. It is a small grenade that can be thrown and upon detonation it will release plenty of nox gas, dealing between 6 and 12 damage per second for all users within the gas. It has a wide range, but is otherwise very simillar to the individual nox gas traps.

Best Weapons For Caustic In Apex Legends

Caustic specialises in close-range combat – in case you couldn’t tell. Caustic should be within confined areas like buildings, and not running around in the open, as his large hitboxes make him a good target. As a result, he is best when paired with an SMG like the R-99, or a shotgun, like the Mastiff. With these weapons Caustic can weave in and out of battle, keeping close to enemies while also baffling them with a smoke screen of gas.

Alternatively, if you’re aware of where the ring will close you can use Caustic’s abilities to lock down a building in advance, or at least leave traps in hidden areas. If you ever see damage markers randomly appear on your screen while playing as Caustic, this means that someone has triggered your trap, whether you left them. You can use this to hunt them down. When paired with Bangalore and Bloodhound, you can really devastate an enemy team with the extra confusion from Bangalore’s smoke, and Bloodhound’s scan ability to highlight exactly where enemies are.

Caustic Tips And Tricks You Probably Didn’t Know In Apex Legends

Caustic’s gas is great for keeping enemies at bay, but that really is the tip of the iceberg for how it can be used in battle. For one, the gas cans themselves make for great cover, and for a great hiding spot. The cans are fairly wide, and once they’re activated, they’ll make almost anything within the gas invisible. So if you’re in a tight spot and wish to heal, you might be best off hiding behind a gas can, and then shooting it yourself to create a smoke screen that you can heal behind. This of course extends to using your ultimate out in the open, just to create some kind of cover, and throwing down a gas can or ultimate on downed enemies, just so you have some cover while attempting to revive them.

We’ve mentioned that you can use gas cans as an alarm system – if they get triggered, that tells you where an enemy is. This can be used on a large scale, if you desire, especially within buildings. You can hide gas cans near entrances and exits, and then if you get damage markers appear on your screen you will know that enemies are attempting to make an entrance – but you will not be warned if they shoot out the cans, or even activate them from a distance with bullets.

The ability to close doors with the cans is also great, as enemies will have to kick doors down to get through, and then often have to deal with a gas can in their way before they can enter. This is a vicious one-two punch, and if you’re fast about it you can use this method to retreat and heal before an enemy catches up with you – then once they hunt you down, you can be prepared with a nox gas trap of your own.

Even though Caustic’s traps seem as if they do not benefit a fast and offensive playstyle – and he’s a defensive character, after all – he can absolutely be used as an offensive legend, if you play right. Being out in the open is a negative, unless your moving from building to building, but indoors Caustic is deadly and can totally shut down areas of the map for the enemy is used correctly. Just make sure to check your blind spots and keep your eyes open if you have left a door open.

Oh, and does it need to be said? Those rooms in the Bunker, and the Loot Vaults on World’s Edge are both excellent places to trap people as Caustic, and then throw in the gas grenade to finish them off.

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