Apex Legends: Best Team Compositions For Arenas

The Arenas are now open and accepting all willing Legends that wish to put their skills to the test. The Arenas is Apex Legends’ brand new 3v3 game mode, which is now a permanent part of the game. Whenever you log in, you’ll have the option to go to war in the Arenas, which includes a completely new ruleset, in addition to a bunch of new maps.

Since the Arenas is designed for two teams of three, and a far more repetitive, and tactical approach to gameplay, it means your team composition needs to be more focused than in a normal Battle Royale game.

In this guide we’re going to be suggesting a few team compositions for you and your friends to take into the Arenas. Each of these team compositions listed here revolves around a particular strategy, and executing that strategy while communicating with your team over voice chat is essential for it to work. Just read through our tips below and you’ll quickly learn what you need to keep in mind in order to build strong team compositions of your own.

Bangalore, Caustic, Bloodhound

This team thrives on the use of the Thermal Sight scope, which you can get by spending plenty of crafting metals on weapons during the Buy phase of Arenas. Essentially your strategy here should be to lay down plenty of smoke when engaging the enemy team, and get close to them. Once at close range use both Bangalore’s smoke to cause confusion, and Caustic’s gas traps. Bloodhound is also very useful here as they can help locate the enemy team quickly, and seek them out amidst the smoke and gas with their Ultimate ability.

This is a solid strategy, but falls apart at long range, where none of these Legends have a particularly advantageous ability. But if you are on Golden Gardens or Party Crasher, there are definitely locations that make this the ideal strat.

Fuse, Horizon, Valkyrie

This team is all about Horizon’s Black Hole Ultimate Ability. If you can make the enemy team all crowd into a single building, or behind a single rock, then this strategy becomes insanely powerful. Once the enemy team is together – or at least two of them – you can drop Horizon’s Ultimate ability, which will pull the enemy team into a single spot. Then Valkyrie can immediately launch her Missile Swarm on their location, followed by Fuse’s Knuckle Cluster, Ultimate ability, and any grenades the team has bought during the Buy phase.

This tactic is an explosion, essentially. If it works it can end rounds incredibly quickly, but once Horizon’s Black Hole is over, everything resets back to neutral, with no back up plans. But as long as you catch at least one or two enemies in the Black Hole and heavily damage them, then the rest of the round should be easily won.

Wattson, Rampart, Gibraltar

This strategy needs you to get inside the ring, and hold your position well. It’s all about huddling up, and you’ll need to use the team’s Ultimate abilities to their fullest potential. Once within the ring, Wattson should put down her Ultimate ability, the pylon which blocks incoming grenades. If you’re under fire then Gibraltar can give cover while Rampart sets up a nest with her walls, and Sheila, her chaingun Ultimate. Wattson can also put up fences to slow enemies either approaching or running from the ring, and if you know where the enemy team is, Gibraltar’s bombardment can scare them out of hiding. This focuses on knowing where the game will finish, and controlling that area early.

The problem with this strategy, of course, is that you won’t always know where the ring will close. Luckily Gibraltar can offer cover if Rampart needs to set up in a risky situation, and Wattson’s Ultimate is very important to prevent enemies from ripping your nest apart with grenades.

Lifeline, Revenant, Crypto

This composition is all about a suicidal charge at the enemy – but one they won’t expecting, most importantly. First you must locate the enemy team with Crypto’s drone and figure out what they’re doing – are they building preparations for your arrival, or are they simply searching you out? If you can, you want the team to get close, but stay out of sight, only for Revenant to place the Death Totem Ultimate, allowing the whole team to charge at the enemy, and reappear at the totem with their shields and half of their life intact. Lifeline’s drone can speed up the healing process thanks to a new buff, and of course Crypto is primarily there to locate the enemy, but his Ultimate ability which halves shields can be very useful in breaking down the enemy before that initial charge – especially if they are the types to build preparations and lay traps.

This strategy is quite basic, and can fall apart entirely if the enemy knows where you are first, or sees you place a Death Totem. Still, it’s definitely worth a shot, and will be particularly effective against any teams using the last strategy we recommended.

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