Animal Crossing: New Horizons – How To Catch Wasps & Never Get Stung Again

Wasps are some of the worst creatures on the planet, just ask Blathers in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. The knowledgeable curator has a hatred for all insects but holds more contempt for wasps than all the other combined. Unfortunately, you’re going to come across your fair share of wasps in New Horizons as you shake trees to harvest fruit, gather sticks, or look for furniture that has been inexplicably trapped in its branches. But instead of running away and hiding, why not try catching them?

Catching wasps isn’t a tricky process, but you’ll need to be prepared. Whenever you decide to shake trees, make sure that you’re holding a net. If not, you won’t have enough to time pull it out of your inventory before being attacked by an angry hoard of wasps — unless you have incredible reflexes.

When a wasp nest falls from a tree, your villager will automatically turn to look at the horrible sight in front of them. This means that if you have your net out — which you should! — most of the time you can simply press “A” to swing it in the pest’s direction and catch them.

Depending on how you are positioned near the tree and where the wasp nest falls, however, you might have to step away to prevent your net from hitting the tree. If that’s the case, just move one or two steps away from the tree before turning to look back at the nest and swing. Any further and you won’t have enough time to react.

This is a useful trick for two reasons. First, you’ll often find yourself out in the wilderness where there is no escape from the nasty bugs. Second, the wasp is actually needed in order to complete the Museum’s catalog. That means sooner or later you’ll have to face down the nasty bug — and now you’re prepared.

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