Animal Crossing Dream Address and Codes: ACNH update news for Nintendo Switch

Nintendo has confirmed that today’s big ACNH update is rolling out and includes an exciting new feature that will be welcomed by fans of the franchise.

This week, gamers will notice they can now set their own Animal Crossing Dream Address and visit other islands using a bed supplied by Luna.

After updating your game today, you should find two letters in your inbox, one of which provides you with info on how to get started, the other focused on the new Fireworks Show event.

After doing this, sleeping in a bed in your home will make it possible to get a visit from Luna, and visit someone else’s island as a dream, or share yours with a Dream Address.

The thing that makes this new feature so handy is that it makes it possible for dreamers to freely explore your island, but leave your original island unaffected, as it’s just the “dream” version of it.

Uploading a dream of your island via the internet means you need to be up to date and have the latest version installed on your Nintendo Switch console.

And it should also be noted that you will need to have a few other things sorted out to have full access to this new feature.

Players will need to upgrade their tent to a home in order to access the dreaming feature, and a Nintendo Switch Online membership may also be required for some online features.

Here’s more about the new launch from Nintendo, who explain in a statement: “You can now choose to take a nap in any bed placed in your home.

“While dozing off, you may find yourself in a strange realm where you’ll be greeted by Luna.

“Luna offers visits to other islands as a dream, and with her help, you can share your island as a dream with others too.

“She will grant those who share their island a “Dream Address” which players can exchange and use to visit each other’s island in a dream.

“In dreams, nothing is permanent because nothing you do is saved, so explore to your heart’s content.

“While you’re visiting someone else’s island in a dream, you can meet the Resident Representative of that island!

“You’ll also be able to take home a custom design made by them in the Custom Design Portal.”

The Custom Designs Portal has been updated in other ways and makes it possible for you to search by design name or type, and create a list of favorite creators.

Other features included in today’s Animal Crossing New Horizons Summer update includes the following:

Fireworks Shows – Enjoy atmospheric fireworks lighting up the sky above your island every Sunday in August at 7 p.m. Get in the spirit by redeeming Bells for raffle tickets in the plaza to get various festive items that you can use.

“Put your personal spin on the fireworks display by using your own custom design pattern to see it shot in the air as a firework in the sky!

Island Backup & Restoration Service – Nintendo Switch Online members can enable the new island backup service, which automatically uploads island and user save data to the internet at certain times.

“If your Nintendo Switch system is lost or damaged, you may be able to recover your island paradise as long as you’ve enabled island backup.

“In the event of loss or damage, contact Nintendo Consumer Support about restoring the island and user save data on your new or repaired Nintendo Switch system. After your island data and individual player data is restored, you can get back to building your island community!

“Additional details can be found on the Nintendo Consumer Support page when the update goes live. The island backup feature is separate from the Save Data Cloud functionality offered for select Nintendo Switch games through Nintendo Switch Online.

“A function specific to Animal Crossing: New Horizons to move users and save data to another system is planned for later this year. Details will be announced in the future.”

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