Amy Hennig’s Dismissal From Naughty Dog "Got Rid Of Everything" In Uncharted 4

Nathan Drake voice actor Nolan North has revealed new details regarding Uncharted 4’s development and the unexpected departure of the franchise’s creative director and writer Amy Hennig.

Hennig left Naughty Dog in 2014 under mysterious circumstances that have never been fully revealed. Reports of her being “forced out” have since proven false, and Hennig herself doesn’t talk about it.

North, however, started out his interview on the Couch Soup YouTube show (via Eurogamer) by diving right into the controversial departure. The show features game creators who talk about their time developing the game that hosts Liam McIntyre and Todd Lasance are playing. Just before Uncharted 4’s opening, North revealed that Hennig’s dismissal resulted in a lot of rework.

"The biggest thing that most people probably remember is… we had shot Uncharted 4 with Amy Hennig for about seven months. We were well into the game. And she was dismissed from Naughty Dog and they got rid of everything we did," North said.

"They recast the whole thing. The original cast had Graham McTavish… Cutter [McTavish's character, last seen in Drake's Deception] had a huge role in Amy's 4. Todd Stashwick played Sam and Alan Tudyk was Rafe. But they ended up switching it all out – Troy [Baker] came on to play Sam, they added Nadine for Laura [Bailey].”

Uncharted 4 was eventually released in 2016 to critical acclaim, winning a slew of awards and over 15 million in sales.

"Fans don't always know, but that's the business,” North added. “I was just glad they didn't just scrap the whole thing and say, 'it's done, we're done'."

Things seem to have worked out for Hennig too. After moving on to Visceral Games to work on a Star Wars game that was eventually canceled, she then became president of Skydance New Media where she's now working with both Star Wars and Marvel, two of the biggest brands in the world.

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