Amnesia: Rebirth – The Portal Chamber Puzzle Guide

While a break from the unrelenting dangers in Amnesia: Rebirth might feel like the game is finally taking pity on your nerves, in reality you’re just in for a new form of torture through one of the game’s many devious puzzles. Tasi has come so far, and the end seems to be in sight, and yet a daunting puzzle involving a set of pillars in the portal chamber blocks her progress. If you want to see just where this story goes, our guide will make sense of this puzzle for you.

The Portal Chamber Puzzle Solution In Amnesia: Rebirth

From the beginning, walk forward and up to a circular screen displaying images of the town, among other things, that Tasi remarks is another portal. It could finally be her way out of there, if she can get it working that is. Start off by placing your orb in the receptacle, opening the path behind you.

Run down the stairs toward the door, but don’t go through it. Look along the wall to the right with your lamp to find a ladder you can climb. At the top head through the broken down wall, sticking to the left wall. It is very dark here, so light up the torches hanging on the wall as you go if you have the matches to spare. You’ll eventually come to a transition door.

Once through, follow the path all the way around and out into the massive cavern with the three giant pillars. Step up to the panel facing them, which will light up the area a bit to see what you will be doing. The goal is to make one continuous line flow between the back wall and the pillars from that perspective.

You are going to need to rotate the left and center pillars first, so step back and go up to the middle gear and spin it. After a radio call from Yasmin, spin the gear back and to the right. Stand back on the panel and observe the three symbols on the pillars. Just like in the Alchemist’s Laboratory, you need to highlight these on the panel.

Once you have them locked in, press the top button which will cause the room to shake and a beam of light to erupt from the center of the pillars. Try and head back to the previous area, stopping to speak to your unborn child about a possible name, but eventually getting control back.

Back in the first area, go down the dark stairs and ladder, all the way back up to the portal area, which now has a beam of light shining down on it. Before you head inside, though, go around the outside and find the gear you can turn facing the center. Turn it to the left, rotating a device on the ceiling until you position a lens into the light, focusing it into a concentrated beam. Now you can go to the center and press the button, but something is still wrong.

The device holding the sphere will open up, revealing one of the two canisters is empty. Toss the empty one out and pocket the good one. Take it with you all the way back to the beginning of the area and to a metal panel on the right hand wall. Pull it open and socket in the canister to open the gate up, allowing you to leave, for now at least.

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