AMD Says Next-Gen Console Shortages Will Continue Until At Least The Second Half Of 2021

AMD predicts many of you waiting for a next-gen console won’t get your hands on one for another six months, at least.

Those of you who have still been left without a PS5 or Xbox Series X after the most recent wave of stock might be wondering where this ends. It feels a little like Groundhog Day at this point. Retailers release stock, thousands of people wait in a virtual queue, only to find nothing waiting for them at the end of that queue.

This will end eventually, of course, and someday everyone who wants a next-gen console will be able to buy one for a normal price. However, according to AMD CEO Lisa Su, that won’t even begin to happen until the second half of 2021. Su predicted as much in AMD’s full-year financial earnings, lumping new desktop CPU and GPU shortages under the same umbrella.

Su makes reference to AMD-powered CPUs and graphics cards but believes the aforementioned consoles will be the most affected. One of the reasons supply might not catch up with demand until much later this year is the continued persistence of scalpers. One group in the UK said the process of buying up stock keeps getting easier after claiming to have picked up 2000 more consoles to sell at an inflated price.

On the desktop side of things, many of you thought your prayers had been answered when news of a bizarre discovery started to break. A report that a South Korean dock worker had stumbled across half a million Nvidia graphics cards in a shipping container. Unfortunately, that report turned out to be nothing more than a poorly-timed joke.

Xbox’s Phil Spencer previously stated that he didn’t expect Series X consoles to be readily available until at least April. This new report from AMD suggests you might have an even longer wait on your hands. It’s frustrating, and all there is to do for now is keep an eye on stock levels and keep hitting refresh. UK retailer Game is doing all it can to prevent scalpers from buying up all its stock, hopefully, others are doing the same.

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