Activision Blizzard Workers Planning Walkout To Protest "Recent Attacks On Civil Liberties"

Activision Blizzard workers are planning a walkout later this month to demand greater protections for employees "from external threats like the recent overturn of Roe V. Wade." The protest will also demand Activision Blizzard cover relocation costs for employees living in states that are passing discriminatory legislation, as well as a commitment to neutrality to further unionization.

"In light of the recent attacks on the civil liberties of our employees, the employee-led Committee Against Sex and Gender Discrimination has scheduled a walk out action on July 21st, 2022," wrote the ABK Workers Alliance on Twitter. "We are calling for protection of several communities of marginalized workers. Employees are actively facing state legislation that is putting women, LGBTQ+ employees, and their families at risk, with other vulnerable groups on the horizon.

"Our walk-out demands focus on the protections of ABK employees from external threats like the recent overturn of Roe V. Wade, and internal threats such as retaliation and harassment while in the workplace."

Activision Blizzard remained largely silent after abortion protections in the US were struck down by its Supreme Court. Activision Blizzard did announce expanded medical travel benefits to cove "reproductive health, gender-affirming treatment, transplant care, and any other medical care," but the ABK Workers Alliance said that the $4,000 benefit wasn't enough.

In addition to covering all travel expenses, the ABK Workers Alliance is demanding relocation assistance for employees living in states currently passing anti-abortion, anti-LGBTQ, or any other discriminatory legislation.

A full list of demands also include cost of living adjustments for relocated employees, a legal commitment to neutrality over further unionization of Activision Blizzard employees, additional remote work options, and open dialogue with the newly formed Committee Against Sex and Gender Discrimination.

The ABK Workers Alliance ends its Twitter thread with a link to a Go Fund Me page collecting strike funds.

Activision Blizzard isn't the only company facing criticism over its response to the fall of Roe v. Wade. Wizards of the Coast parent company Hasbro is also under fire from its own employees for its "out of touch" and "tone-deaf" response to the Supreme Court ruling.

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