8 Things We Wish We Knew Before Starting Redout

Redout is a sci-fi spin on racing games, one that takes heavy inspiration from WipEout and F-Zero. You can face off against the AI in solo mode, or play against other racers in multiplayer mode as you speed through colorful and vibrant tracks.

Due to its space-themed settings, Redout was designed to be the fastest game in the racing genre, mimicking the anti-gravity you’d feel across other planets. There's an emphasis on the scenery and landscaping of these planetary tracks, encouraging you to take in the game as a whole instead of focusing solely on your speedometer and placing.

8 It's For Serious Gamers

Unlike other racing games that have easy modes, designed for casual gamers who just want to take a spin around the track, Redout was made by racing fans for racing fans. Even if you’re the most dedicated racer, you may still struggle with the controls the first few times you play.

The difficulty of Redout is high, even on the so-called easy tracks. Playing against the AI is particularly rough, and many struggle to get the hang of single-player mode. This game is for someone looking for a challenge, not a light weekend gaming sesh.

7 Upgrades Are Necessary

As any racing gamer knows, half of the fun is in customizing and upgrading your vehicle. With Redout, however, it’s basically a requirement. Your ships will struggle immensely if you don’t take the time to upgrade them.

When you’re in the Ship Select screen, you’ll see detailed specs on the ship you’re looking over and customization options in the bottom corner of the screen. Whenever you have upgrades available and can afford them, get them. You can upgrade things like the hull, weapons, shields, and missiles for each ship.

6 Never Stop Upgrading

Just because you’ve upgraded your ship once, that doesn’t mean it’s invincible. You’re going to want to continue updating and upgrading your specs constantly. Under each category — hull, weapon, shield, and missile — you’ll notice a meter. This lets you know where you are in terms of upgraded status.

In other words, consider each upgrade to be a level enhancement for that particular spec. You’re going to want them all topped out, so keep going back and leveling them up frequently.

5 Multiplayer Is Better

PvP races will be more fun for a few reasons. One is that they are easier than playing solo against the AI. As much as you struggle with Redout, the other person racing is likely struggling too, so you’re leveling the playing field a little. Two, you’ll have more fun — win or lose — knowing that you’re going up against someone else.

Finally, you’ll find that Redout players tend to be vocal and communal in forums, across sites like Reddit and Discord. You’ll bond with a community over the difficulty of the game, and find plenty of players willing to give you tips and tricks to get better.

4 Turns Are Hard

A common issue Redout players have, that you’ll no doubt struggle with too, is turning. Instinct will have you going full into the turn, at top speed, and all force. This isn’t the way to do it — you’ll want to manage your turn-to-strafe ratio.

Strafing is moving sideways in relation to the trajectory of the vehicle, meaning you’ll point the nose of your ship in one direction while turning the full ship in the other. When you do this, along with lowering your speed, you’ll perform a drift-like motion that keeps you in the turn without losing control. Think of it like the maneuvering you do to avoid fish-tailing a car in wet conditions.

3 Hit The Wall

In many racing games, hitting the wall basically assures you’re going to place in the bottom ranks of the roster. In Redout you can hit the wall without that level of devastation — as long as you know the trick.

Once you’ve determined that hitting the wall is inevitable, try to straighten your ship against the wall as best as you can. Lower your speed so you don’t crash into it, and allow your ship to ease into the wreck. After you’ve bounced back from the contact, you’ll correct course — hit the boost to get a push start back on track.

2 Use A Controller

Since the controls in Redout are difficult to master, using a controller will improve your odds of learning them sooner rather than later. There are so many moving parts to your ship, having a controller in hand will make navigating and using things like shields and missiles much easier.

Some players have pointed out that the controls are easier depending on the platform you’re playing on, as well. If you’re having a rough time with the PC version, don’t give up on the game entirely — try playing on a console or with the Switch.

1 Use Your Resources

Some may call it cheating, but using YouTube, Google, and all available gaming forums is absolutely the way to go. There are tons of players ready to help you out online, and a few gamers have even gone as far as uploading their advice to YouTube.

Again, Redout is a proudly difficult game, designed to challenge you. At the same time, it has harvested a community of dedicated and helpful players, so use that to your advantage. You'll also make some new friends while you’re at it!

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