8 Most Beautiful Areas In Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds

Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds is an MMORPG inspired by Studio Ghibli's art style and culture. It has perfectly captured the unique charm and magical ambiance that Ghibli displays. The game is set in the Kingdom of Evermore, with a few neighboring locations that you can explore. Each place tells a different story that will help you better understand the world of Ni No Kuni.

Grab the chance to check out and capture the enchanting and breathtaking views in the game, and explore beyond the horizon. If you'd like to take some time off from the constant grind, the best way to do that is by enjoying the scenic views Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds has to offer. You never know what you're missing until you see it for yourself.

8 Evermore East Gate Plaza

Although Evermore is where the gameplay is based, players are usually gathered near the South Gate Plaza doing side quests, trading items with others, or crafting weapons and equipment. Amidst all the hustle and bustle in the South, you can travel to the East Gate Plaza for a peaceful and cozier atmosphere.

You will find the best spot to view the castle by the cliff, just behind the soccer goal. Elfina, the artistic director of Higgledy productions, also recommended the area during "The Main Attraction of Evermore" quest.

7 Ancient Ruins

You can check out the impressive architecture of the Ancient Ruins located right above the Expedition camp in Eastern Heartlands. Just climb up the large stone stairs until you reach the cliff and see the overlooking view of the ruins, seaside, and gushing waterfalls. Despite the structure still standing, it has been around for so long that its exact age remains unknown to this day.

The Kingdom once filled with honor and pride is now abandoned for nature to consume. Hopefully, the day comes when we get to see it restored to its former glory.

6 Ignis's Nest

You will stumble upon this area while doing the “To Ignis’s Nest” quest at Eastern Heartlands during the earlier stages of the game. Ignis is known as the world keeper of fire, which explains the molten lava flowing, and magma rocks in the fiery nest. The large Anubis statues at the back symbolize Ignis’s influence and power.

Just pass through the Sulfur Mine and head to the upper right corner for a flaming hot background to match your cool outfits for an awesome photo op.

5 Dreamland

Travel to Cloudcoil Canyon and pass through the sandy docks, thorny cliffs, and the Sky Pirate’s abandoned headquarters until you reach the Dreamland Entrance on the North East of the map.

The bizarre area is filled with graffiti of creepy-looking clowns, unknown creatures, and strange neon lighting and symbols. No one knows why it was built, which is why many drop by the mysterious place to find out for themselves. If you are a thrill-seeker, Dreamland is the perfect area to go to.

4 Heart Of The Forest

Every fantasy world has an enchanted forest filled with magical creatures and supernatural phenomena. The Heart is what keeps the Serene Forest healthy and thriving. You will find Silva, the guardian of the forest standing in front of the magical tree ready to take on any evil that is planning to cause harm to their home.

The Heart of the Forest is surrounded by huge glowing flowers that light up the area and make the forest look even more ethereal and entrancing.

3 Mushroom Rock Valley

The Mushroom Rock Valley has an astonishing view of giant mushrooms that spews out ominous energy. It has a peculiar aura but still manages to attract many due to its unique look. The outlandish area located in the northern part of Golden Grove is one of the most beautiful places to visit in the game.

You may come across vine witches, boarunners, and marrons while roaming around the area, so you better come prepared. The valley is an ideal place to grind early game and farm for varnishes to upgrade your weapons and equipment to get you started.

2 Meeting Trees

The Meeting Tree is located in the upper east of Winter Wonderland beside the bridge connecting to Yule, a small snowy village. It has a magnificent view of the bright full moon and glowing stars that shines with the northern lights. The glowing heat trees in the area emit warm energy for the comfort of the villagers and travelers.

Despite the freezing location, the warm welcome of the villagers will keep you cozy and delighted to be here. It has a serene atmosphere that is perfect to visit when you want to take a break from fast pace areas that can stress you out.

1 Shining Sand River

The Shining Sand River is an area located in the Burning Desert just outside Moneyma’am City. You will immediately notice a sparkling sand river flowing on your way to the Sandstorm Desert or Tomb of the Exiled. The glow of the sunset reflects the sand river which causes the unique golden shimmer display.

Although going to the hot and dry desert doesn't sound that pleasant, being able to see the extraordinary occurrence firsthand is worth it.

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