7 Lingering Questions We Have After The End Of Ghostwire: Tokyo

As far as overt horror is concerned, Ghostwire: Tokyo isn't the scariest game you can play on the market. The game is an action-adventure with some horror elements, while the combat relies on rock-paper-scissors elemental mechanics.

However, the narrative doesn't need to be fear-inducing; the true horror, the underbelly of the main narrative, is in the questions left unresolved. What happened to everyone who had been taken? What happens to Akito now? Though this barely scratches the surface of the mysteries of fictional Tokyo, these questions are a good jumping-off point to get those questions churning.

Spoiler below!

7 Who Was Under The Hannya Mask?

Despite learning about his motivations for bringing the two realms closer together to be reunited with his wife, you uncover little about the man he was before everything happened. The tapes discovered merely allude to his state of mind after her death but was that truly what caused him to snap, or was it simply the catalyst for something more sinister brewing just below the surface?

We may have a chance to explore this antagonist deeper if the developers decide to release DLC. Asking for more Hannya for a sequel might be too much to ask, given how 'final' his death seems to be in the finale.

6 How Close Was Hannya To Accomplishing His Goal?

We've seen the brutal acts Hannya committed to bringing the underworld and Tokyo together on the same plane, the mass stealing of most of Shibuya's souls, so who's to say how close he was to his goal. Maybe they were on the precipice of returning, or maybe they were lost in the aether. Their souls or consciousness were involved in any way with the actions of their bodies.

It's difficult to imagine returning to the human realm only to see the destruction caused just to bring you back, but Hannya wasn't thinking about any of this with a clear mind — only with the sole goal of bringing them back.

5 What's In Store For Akito?

Going between his realm and the Underworld, fighting for both your sister and Tokyo is a lot to put on a recently dead person. Now that he, KK, and Mari saved everyone from their miserable fate and regained a new lease on life, what's a guy to do?

Everyone who was in his life is gone and Akito walks alone among those he's helped save. It makes for a tragic hero and leaves you wishing for him to live his best life. Maybe he decides to follow in KK's footsteps in becoming a supernatural investigator, or maybe he turns away from that life altogether. Either choice is viable and equally understandable. The ending wraps the story up well, if not for leaving his fate up to your head canon.

4 Did You Know There Was A Prequel?

If you are playing Ghostwire: Tokyo for the first time, you might not be aware there is a prequel visual novel that's free to play and available on both the PlayStation Store and Steam. You play as KK before the events of the main game, trying to find and stop Hannya. You get more background about the rest of the team, such as Rinko, Ed, and even Mari.

If you are interested in going deeper into the lore, this would be the place to do it if you haven't already. The novel walks an interesting line of giving you more backstory without giving anything in the main game away. If you enjoy visual novels with light gameplay aspects, this is a natural pick-up.

3 Who Is The Fourth Person In The Photo?

In the game, there is a picture of Rinko, Ed, and presumably Hannya before he became the antagonist. There is another person in the photo who isn't known even by the game's end. All we know about him is that he was a part of the team and that he had a black eye when taking that photo. He wasn't mentioned in either the prequel or the main game, so you are just left with this small mystery with no answer in sight.

The creator has said that he's interested in both a sequel and DLC to possibly expand the world, so this story may be truly far from over.

2 How Do Humans Adapt To What Happened?

It's unrealistic that everyone who was spirited away doesn't realize what happened. Returning to the physical realm with no clothes on is a huge clue, not to mention the complete and utter takeover of the area by all the forgotten pets. How does one move on from that?

Sure, outwardly you would have very little choice other than to get up and dressed and move on with your life, but something cataclysmic such as your whole world turning into a spiritual hellscape must have lasting damage. It sounds almost impossible. Following a group of survivors who returned might make for a good read sometime in the future.

1 What Happens To The Souls You Were Unable To Save?

Do they just stay in some type of stasis? Maybe they simply go back to the afterlife as did most of the other supernatural happenings within Tokyo. Unless you've gone and collected all the spirits to snag the trophy, it's safe to say there are plenty of people who don't make it back.

It's a grim thought and one that might not need answers. It would be painful for those on both sides to come to grips with what transpired. Conversely, it also makes you think about those from the Underworld who are stuck on the corporeal side. A tragedy all around for the denizens.

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