7 Hilarious Deaths In Elden Ring

Elden Ring is a game in which you'll die. A lot. Over and over. All FromSoftware games are like this. Death is a core mechanic expertly baked into the stories the developer is trying to tell. WHile it can be tempting to throw your controller against a wall when you die, how about looking on the funny side?

Death is meant to be overcome, not an insurmountable wall that prevents you from proceeding. In many ways, the Soulsborne series revels in its campy tone, and this is especially apparent when the deaths are just downright hilarious.

7 Getting Teabagged To Death

Getting teabagged is a long-standing sign of disrespect in video games. In titles with spectator modes or kill cams, it was common to crouch and stand up again and again on top of a dead enemy's body as a symbol of desecration. It's juvenile, sure, but it stings, that's the most important part. When this Elden Ring enemy glitched out, the_goon12 must have thought they were in luck and went in for a cheeky kill. Little did they know what misery was about to befall them.

6 Getting Your Own Back

Elden Ring is filled with all sorts of horrifying monstrosities. Many of these can kill you in deeply barbaric and malevolent ways. That's what makes being able to get your own back on them so fun.

Stance breaking a tough enemy is fun enough on its own, but doing so with one of it's own arms? Chefs Kiss. This is true poetic justice for all of us who've been chewed up – literally – by these things.

5 Into The Pit With You

Sometimes, you get killed so hard you just have to sit back and laugh. Getting impaled on a giant lance while frantically rolling away from a magical Knight is bad enough, as is getting infected with Scarlet Rot. But the cherry on the cake here is that WaltersWoefulWaffles also got thrown into the elevator pit, as if the Knight was disgusted by the festering corpse at the end of its pike. There's no coming back from that. Time to turn the game off for a bit and just think about things for a minute.

4 Are You Here To Help Or Hinder?

Summoning and invading are key components to the modern FromSoftware games. The mechanic was inspired by strangers who helped game director Hidetaka Miyazaki move his stuck car one night. Now, he had a lovely experience and went on his merry way, but not every Elden Ring player is so lucky. No, some get the help of Alphabunsquad, someone who apparently doesn't know how ledges or elevators work. It's quite funny to imagine the host of the world sighing with relief, knowing an experienced player is going to help them clear a tough are- "Oh? Oh, no. They fell to their death." At least their intentions were pure.

3 Ouch, Anywhere But There

Even UFC has rules, but here, one of the most cardinal rules of combat is broken: no hits to the groin. In a thrust that must have made everyone wince, this poor enemy is given a death no one should have to endure.

Although, given how much trouble everyone in The Lands Between gives you, maybe you want to fight dirty now. Let's just hope the same fate never befalls you, fellow Tarnished.

2 You Can Survive The Cyclone Of Death, But Gravity Favours None

Sometimes, you get to an area with tough enemies in Elden Ring and decide to go off adventuring so you can level up a bit. You may decide to put some points into your health so you can tank their combo moves. But, even when you go back all buffed up and with shiny new armour, you've got to remember to consider your surroundings. It doesn't matter if you can dodge the cyclone of death and survive the churn if you just get spat out over a ledge anyway.

1 Fool Me Once…

The messages in Elden Ring, and any FromSoftware game, are a complete coin toss. Will they contain helpful information, or will they simply be a silly meme, or, will they actively encourage you to jump to your death? They're helpful maybe ten percent of the time, if you're lucky. The rest of the time they're just there to troll you. Hitting every wall in the game to make sure it's not a fake? Fair enough. But jumping off a ledge surrounded by blood spatters because a message told you to? Didn't our mums warn us about something like this?

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