5 Things We Wish We Knew Before Starting Shredders

Shredders is a unique and enjoyable snowboarding game that nicely blends simulation aspects with a more arcade-like approach replete with scores, myriad challenges, and, of course, a host of incredible tricks to pull off. Snowboarding games don't seem to come along all that often, and when they do, they can often be a mixed bag in terms of style, substance, and gameplay.

Fortunately, snowboarding fans can get excited for Shredders since it seems to be a game developed by people who actually truly love the real-life extreme sport. While the game does walk you through the finer points of getting up to speed on your brand new board, there is still a healthy learning curve. If you are brand new to Shredders or if you just need a few quick reminders then the following tips should be right up your powder-filled alley.

5 Shredders Features A Story Mode

Shredders, interestingly, features a fully-fledged story mode, something that may take lots of people by surprise. Where many snowboarding games simply drop you into a mountain to explore and pull off tricks, Shredders guides you through the game with a completely bonkers and far-fetched story mode. This story mode revolves around two up-and-coming YouTubers who run a channel called Shreddagedon.

These two characters are so darn goofy but they provide a lot of levity and fun moments that tie into the gameplay itself. For example, the whole tutorial for the game is acted out as part of their YouTube channel. Along the way, these two characters, one of whom is actually your playable snowboarder, meet up with sponsors, public relations people, and even other pro snowboarders. It's clear a ton of love was poured into this tongue-in-cheek story mode and it provides a fresh take in the extreme sports subgenre of gaming.

4 Freeform Controls And Movement

Instead of featuring more traditional button-based controls for movements and canned animation tricks, Shredders opts for a more natural, freeform approach to snowboarding. It's good to know before jumping into this game that it's going to take a good amount of time to get up to speed with how to pull off the gnarliest of tricks. Essentially, and on a controller, movement is controlled with the left thumbstick with basic turning and carving, with the right thumbstick being used for speed checking.

In order to successfully navigate down the mountain and around objects, mastering these movements is critical. Likewise, tricks are pulled off by pre-loading your spins or flips whereby you hold down the jump button and a direction on one of the thumbsticks. Releasing said buttons makes your snowboarder spin or flip depending on how much you pre-loaded the specific trick. You can also perform grab tricks or various corked tricks to spice things up. Don't worry, you can practice as much as you want in the game.

3 You Can Spawn In From A Plethora Of Mountain Locations

Shredders is quite an accessible game. Although getting to grips with the controls for movement and tricking can be tough at first, the game is always providing new ways to master each trick variation. Another way the game does a great job at getting you up to speed is through the use of various spawn locations around the different mountain locations. As you persist through the game's story mode, new spawn points unlock.

At any time you can freely back out of a challenge and simply enjoy exploring the mountain. You can open up the menu to spawn in from the tops of many terrain parks, mountain passes, or objective markers. Even better, you can freely reset any run if you want to give it another go. Plus, the game allows you to call up a snowmobile which you can then hitch onto in order to go to almost any spot on the mountain. Features like this make Shredders a very enjoyable and easy-to-play snowboarding game.

2 Tons Of Challenges With Side Objectives

Where many extreme sports games simply drop you into a location to just play and practice without much guidance, Shredders opts for a more linear approach in terms of its story mode. Shredders offers you a bevy of challenges, missions, and even options objectives that really test your snowboarding mettle. These challenges might revolve around you nailing the perfect trick off a giant kicker, following a pro snowboarder around to match their tricks, and even popping into a big snowboarding invitational to set off some fireworks.

The point is, Shredders gives you so many ways to experience its game world. There are constantly added objectives that you can play over and over again, oftentimes to try and complete the extra side objectives. These side objectives might have you pull off a very specific trick or get a high score. Plus, the game even has persistent online multiplayer which means you can snowboard with others from around the world if you see fit.

1 So Many Cosmetic Goodies To Choose From

Customization is often an undervalued and underappreciated part of many games, but not so in the case of Shredders. Much like OlliOlli World, Shredders allows you to customize your character to your heart's content. While not as diverse or vibrant as the likes of OlliOlli World, you can still choose from myriad snowboards, bindings, jackets, boots, goggles, hats, and the like.

New cosmetic goodies are unlocked naturally as your progress through the game. Each time you pass a new challenge or meet certain parameters in the story mode, you are given a host of new unlockables to add to your avatar. For a game created by a small indie team, it's really refreshing to see a high level of customization. Shredders truly lets you create the ultimate snowboarders of your dreams.

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