2K UK Is Making A One-Of-A-Kind Official Borderlands Xbox Series X, And Will Give It Away

It might be next to impossible to acquire one of the new next-generation consoles this holiday season, but you’re not completely out of luck. If you want to roll the dice with a contest giveaway, 2K United Kingdom has partnered up with Xboxpope to create this truly one-of-a-kind Borderlands 3 themed Series X. Modeled after the outrageous CL4P-TP (aka, Clap-Trap), there will only be one available in the world.

Being that this was tweeted from the 2K UK account, it stands to reason that anyone based in the United States won’t be eligible for entry. If you happen to be from the United Kingdom, then keep your eyes peeled on 2K UK’s Twitter account on November 9, 2020. That’s when the contest will begin.

As far as custom designs go, I actually quite like this one. It’s maybe a little loud for a console, but the very shape of the Series X is perfect for Clap-Trap. The attention to detail with paint is also amazing, looking like a perfect replica of everyone’s favorite troublemaker. I wonder if it makes any Borderlands themed noises when turning on.

I don’t fancy my prospects of getting this custom console, but I hope whoever does win is pleased. This will certainly be an attention grabber when you can finally have your friends back over. Considering Borderlands 3 features a four-player split-screen mode at 60 fps on the new device, it’ll also be an excellent way to revisit the latest iteration of Gearbox’s looter shooter with some of your best friends…and Clap-Trap.

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