2000 Eggs Later, This Pokemon Sword And Shield Player Finally Has A Shiny Riolu

A Pokemon Sword and Shield player has finally landed a shiny Riolu, and it only took them 2000 eggs.

Even though shiny Pokemon offer no competitive edge, they are sought after by a great many trainers due to their rarity. There’s no trick to finding one either, it’s all down to luck, as was demonstrated by Sword and Shield player thevictorrobert. The Reddit user really wanted a shiny Riolu. So much so that they were willing to breed and hatch as many eggs as it took until they got one.

That resulted in the hatching of more than 2000 eggs. That’s a lot of Riolu, but all that hatching finally paid off. The trainer posted a clip of the egg hatching and their golden Riolu emerging. The shiny variation of Riolu is gold and black instead of blue and black, and will eventually evolve into a shiny Lucario should its trainer want that for their new Pokemon in the future.

While the odds of hatching a shiny Riolu are high, it seems thevictorrobert was very unlucky in their quest to get one. According to a top-voted answer on Gamespot, the odds of a hatched Riolu being shiny are around one in 512. It seems as if all the good luck thevictorrobert was missing went to someone who commented on their post. The reply claims they managed to hatch a shiny Riolu after only 20 attempts.

Riolu and fan-favorite Lucario are about to be thrust into the spotlight again later this year via the release of Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. The Pokemon were first introduced in gen four and trainers will be reacquainted with the region they call home all over again. The two of them also made appearances in the trailer for Pokemon Legends: Arceus.

Lucario is so popular that it is one of the few Pokemon to have made it into Smash Ultimate as a playabale character. However, according to a recent vote to celebrate Pokemon Day, Lucario only just makes the top 30. Dedenne was the clear winner with Cinccino and Sableye in second and third, respectively. Give the trio their own Smash spots already.

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