100 Thieves Announce "Warzone From Home" Tournament

Famous esports organization 100 Thieves took to Twitter to announce “Warzone From Home” – a Warzone tournament that looks to turn a solemn situation into an exciting opportunity to watch some top-tier Call of Duty play (and also win some cash) while we all wait out the pandemic.

The “Warzone From Home” tournament will feature 16 teams as they battle it out in Warzone, the newest free-to-play Call of Duty game. Warzone has been met with outstanding reception and this is the perfect opportunity for 100 Thieves to launch their tournament. The tournament will take place on Friday, March 20th and will feature a prize-pool of $100K.

Along with the prize-pool, the winners of the tournament will get $50K to the charity of their choice and there will also be $50K available to chat which is a great opportunity for those holed-up in social isolation for the time being. A charity tournament for the already massively popular game seems like the right move during these unsure times and should be a successful venture for 100 Thieves.

The tournament is also sponsored by Cash App, a frequent partner of 100 Thieves and the sponsor of their “Cash App Compound” that was revealed earlier this year as the largest esports facility in the United States. There isn’t a ton of information on “Warzone From Home” but more should be made soon (including the starting time) as the tournament gets closer to kicking off.

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