10 Times Video Games Made Me Point At The Screen And Say “That’s Totally Me”

Everyone is guilty of a “that’s totally me” moment. Whether it’s movies, books, or our favorite Zelda games, there will come a moment when a character does something, and you just can’t help yourself. That instinctive finger points at the screen, a wry smile spreads across your face, and falsely or not, you call out your latest “that’s totally me” moment.

Some of us do it when our favorite characters have epic moments, and others do it when someone does something hilariously relatable. Whether that’s actually true or not is an entirely different discussion, but I’ll always support the person who thinks they can totally take down Gwyn, Lord of Cinder in one on one combat.

10/10 Anytime Shepard Dances – Mass Effect Legendary Edition

Starting off with one moment that we can all relate to, Shepard’s heartwarming dance moves throughout the Mass Effect series. If their dance animation isn’t the exact thing I break out at every wedding and party I reluctantly slink into, my entire life might just be a lie.

Their dancing is so awkward and notorious that even their own crew makes fun of them for it, a feeling I know all too well. That’s totally me, and that’s okay, because even an awkward yet energetic dancer is better than some kind of Krogan wallflower, right?

9/10 The Bonus Stars – Mario Party

If we’re all totally honest, the entirety of Mario Party is infamous among friend groups. Somehow, Nintendo manages to make kid-friendly games that can utterly rip apart friendships (for a few minutes at least).

Mario Party can get anyone good and riled up in the worst way in many different ways, but the worst offender is the Bonus Stars segment at the end of games. Every time, I wind up losing my lead because someone else picks up a few lucky bonus stars, leaving me with nothing else to say to Wario except how he’s totally me in that moment. We’ve all been there at some point, we all know that pain.

8/10 Snake’s Rocket Surfing – The Twin Snakes

If someone asked me whether I could do a standing backflip, I would confidently say yes. But if someone asked me if I could backflip onto a live rocket and then hop off of it, I’d pause for a moment. The answer is 'obviously, duh'.

Am I overconfident? Absolutely. Will I ever get a chance to be proven wrong? Well, I certainly hope not. Every time I watch Snake defy all the laws of physics and hop off a mid-flight rocket, I’m reminded of how awesome I could be if I were some kind of incredible super operative.

7/10 Escaping And Blasting The Alligator – Resident Evil 2 Remake

Everyone has some kind of plan for when the inevitable zombie apocalypse hits. Some people take the Shaun Of The Dead route, while others opt for something lesser known, like the brilliant We’re Alive.

Regardless, for whatever reason, we all seem to think we’d be one of the heroes in the zombie apocalypse, something that probably means we’d be the first to go. With that said, when Leon takes on a mutated alligator in Resident Evil 2 Remake and blows it up, that moment is totally me. That totally doesn’t mean I’d be munched on by a hungry reptile, right?

6/10 Phelps Solves A Case – L.A. Noire

L.A. Noire is anything but a happy game, but it definitely is a fun one for those who consider themselves amateur sleuths. Pardon me while I adjust my fedora, light a cigarette, and solve some late 1940s crime.

In most instances, it’s pretty obvious who the perpetrator is, it’s mostly just a game of finding the evidence to properly convict the monster involved in the crimes. That has absolutely nothing to do with the limited nature of video games, and everything to do with how I’d likely end up ending crime straight away if I became a sleazy detective.

5/10 Joel Saves Ellie – The Last Of Us

If you’re anything like me, you’re labelled as the parent of just about every friend group you’re a part of. It’s that very thing that makes The Last Of Us' Joel fighting through the Firefly hospital to save Ellie a “that’s totally me” moment.

I’m too cuddly to ever actually hurt anyone, but I’d bring my best dad energy to help anyone who needed some saving. With how well the game made me connect with the characters, it only makes sense that I’d feel like I’d totally be able to save my sassy pseudo-replacement daughter.

4/10 The Portal To The Moon – Portal 2

We all like to think we’re ingenious, but the fact that I accidentally called the ending to the final conflict in Portal 2 before it happened absolutely means Chell and I are just on a different level. Hand me a portal gun, and I will immediately wonder what would happen if you shot one at the moon.

I’ve popped off pretty hard for some fantastic gaming moments, but few have made me shout more excitedly or more like a kid that just got their first Nintendo 64 than when Chell shot a portal at the moon.

3/10 Glory Kills – Doom Eternal

It’s once again important to point out that I’d never hurt a fly, but when I pop on any kind of action game, my inner '80s action hero comes out. When I see any kind of elaborate glory kill in Doom, it reminds me that I could totally dish out that kind of punishment to demons.

I totally wouldn’t be curled up in a ball, far away from any kind of potential danger. No, I would definitely take on evil demons with my bare hands. Absolutely plausible for the average short-king, am I right?

2/10 Claptrap’s Party – Borderlands 2

Some people love the little robot, and some people hate it, but when Borderland's Claptrap throws a party, few people are likely to show up. I can appreciate some self-deprecation, but I’m not saying it’s totally me to have no one show up to a party… except that one time.

What I’m saying is, Claptrap’s willingness to throw an aggressive party for one is the kind of energy I carry with me each day. Multiple boxes of pizza for one guy? Not a problem for someone who dances like Commander Shepard.

1/10 Barry Saves Jill – Resident Evil

If I had to pick one trait to work on, it would be just how often I make dad jokes. I make them quite often, but there’s always room for more. It’s that exact thing that causes me to let out an amused breath of air every time I hear Barry Burton.

The “you were almost a Jill sandwich” line will forever live in infamy, and I’m totally okay with that because it’s the exact thing I would have said. What else could you say at that moment? There was only time for one of the greatest jokes in horror history.

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