10 Scariest Monster Designs In Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village, despite all it does differently from the rest of the series, lives up to the franchise’s name. Ethan Winters’ journey is filled with terrifying monsters, from regular enemies to the handful of bosses.

For the most part, they are an upgrade over recent mainline Resident Evil games. After all, one of them even set the Internet on fire with their aesthetic, though not for being scary. If any of these designs prove too terrifying, just play on an easier difficulty so the battles are not too hard.

10 The Lycans

The Lycans replace zombies as the regular fodder. They sit somewhere between a werewolf and a human and they are significantly faster than the typical mold-infected enemies Ethan fought in Resident Evil 7.

The combat in general in Resident Evil Village is faster than its predecessor and seeing them perched atop roofs in the village is particularly striking imagery.

9 Salvatore Moreau

Salvatore Moreau is the third of the four lords you fight in the game in order to collect four key items you need to progress. His normal design is scary enough, and it would have been sufficient just to fight him as a boss.

He eventually transforms into a giant fish monster for the boss fight. He flops around and rains corrosive acid from the sky. Scary things are always made worse when water is involved.

8 Lady Dimitrescu

Lady Dimitrescu became an Internet phenomenon after the character’s reveal in the trailers. However, in the game, she gets stabbed with a special knife by Ethan which causes her to transform into a giant beast.

In this form, she is almost unrecognizable, though traces of her more dapper appearance are still evident. Not only is the design good, but the boss fight is also engaging.

7 Soldats

These enemies are the primary foes in Heisenberg’s factory. They look like something out of a science fiction horror movie set in space.

You fight different variations of them as you progress further through the area, and notes scattered around the environment explain the process Heisenberg went through when developing the creatures. Eventually, they come at you with jetpacks, making for one of the more intense bouts in the campaign.

6 Urias

You first see Urias early on in the adventure. During the first big bout in the village, you have no choice but to run away from it. Only significantly later on, can you actually fight it.

With the giant beard, Urias almost looks like a terrifying Santa Claus. The big hammer is a nice aesthetic touch too. We wonder how the jacket manages to fit on him after growing so large. Maybe it’s the same material Bruce Banner uses for his pants to ensure they stay on during Hulk transformations

5 Angie

Angie is not one of the four lords Ethan hunts. She is just a doll controlled by Donna Beneviento. Don’t be fooled by this, however, since the creation still can do damage.

The bridal gown is a nice touch, and Angie constantly floats somewhere between adorable and scary. The animation is also perfect for the doll, showcased in the beginning after Ethan is captured in the castle. You barely see Donna Beneviento, so Angie feels like the real boss.

4 Haulers

The haulers are a variant of the Moroaica found in Heisenberg’s factory and the headgear makes them way scarier. It reminds one of the intensely disturbing French horror movie Martyrs.

Fortunately, Resident Evil Village is not nearly as disturbing or hard to stomach as that film, but the imagery simply being associated with it is enough to get the enemy on this list. After a headshot, you can easily knock the headband off.

3 Varcolacs

Varcolac are similar to Lycans, only even more bestial. They are also faster and take more damage before dying.

Seeing these enemies in the trailer made people wonder if Resident Evil once again had gone off its rocker. Ultimately, these poor villagers have a connection to the rest of the lore, but you will have to play the game to find out. The enemy looks like it belongs in Bloodborne just as much as Resident Evil.

2 Samca

Fortunately, you do not see this enemy upfront and close too often because of its flying abilities. If you do, you would see just how disgusting it is up close.

It is difficult to tell if the thing coming out of its face is a tongue or some other unknown and unnamable mutated appendage. Fortunately, they are pretty easy to fight in battle, but if too many of them crowd around you can cause trouble.

1 Baby

Baby is by far the scariest looking monster in the game for several reasons. It looks like a disgusting, mutated infant and screams like one too.

Considering Ethan Winters is there to look for his daughter, this design must have been personally offensive. You don’t actually fight this creature, and are instead forced to hide and run away from it. All weapons are taken away from you during this segment.

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