10 Gods Who Still Haven’t Appeared In God Of War (Who Could Show Up In Ragnarok)

The next entry in the God of War series, Ragnarok, is set for a 2021 release (though, like many heavy-hitting PlayStation titles, it doesn’t have a release date just yet), and fans are wondering who Kratos might face off against this time around. After fighting (and killing) most of the Greek gods of Olympus, the 2018 reboot of the series sees Kratos trying to live a quiet life in the realm of Midgard with his son, after the death of his wife Faye.

Unfortunately for Kratos, Midgard is ruled by the Norse pantheon of gods, who don’t like the idea of Kratos taking up residence in their realm. Kratos and Atreus’ last adventure introduced fans to a handful of Norse gods, including Baldur, Mimir, and Freya, but there are many other deities Kratos hasn’t met yet that may make an appearance in the next game.

10 Njörd

The Norse equivalent of Poseidon, Njörd is the ruler of the seas and father of Freya. Njörd is often depicted as a leader of the Vanir gods, who are associated with nature, fertility, and wisdom, as opposed to the Aesir gods (led by Odin) who are generally depicted as warriors and more violent figures.

The previous title mentioned Njörd as a god who is loved by his followers, making Atreus question Kratos’ seeming dislike of all gods. This could suggest that, if Njörd does make an appearance, perhaps he could be a friend or ally of Kratos and Atreus, much like his daughter Freya was.

9 Hel

Hel is the goddess of the underworld realm which shares the same name (Helheim) in Norse mythology. Players never saw Hel in person in the previous game; however, fans who have translated the Jötnar Shrines found throughout the game have noticed her name mentioned in Jörmangandr’s shrine, where she is listed as one of his siblings (along with Fenrir).

Since Norse mythology states that Ragnarok is led by Hel and Loki, it’s probably safe to bet that she will make an appearance in the upcoming game of the same name. Perhaps even as the main protagonist.

8 Fenrir

Fenrir is another of Jörmangandr’s siblings, who, along with Hel, are said to be the children of Loki (according to a Jötnar Shrine). Given that Atreus is revealed to be Loki in a huge twist, it’s uncertain how his children could appear in Ragnarok unless some creative liberties are taken (which is not out of the question for the series).

Whatever the case, since Jörmangandr has already been introduced, it is possible to see Fenrir make an appearance. Fenrir is known as the “Wolf-Giant” in Norse mythology and is destined to kill Odin during Ragnarok. Given Kratos’ track-record for killing gods, it will be interesting to see if Fenrir has a chance to kill Odin before Kratos gets to either of them.

7 Heimdall

Known in Norse mythology for his exceptional eyesight and ability to foresee events, Heimdall is tasked with watching for invaders and warning the other gods of the dawn of Ragnarok. Norse mythology says Loki and Heimdall are destined to fight during Ragnarok, so it is likely we will see Heimdall make an appearance in the next God of War game.

Heimdall has not been spotted in the series yet. However, he is mentioned in a conversation with the dwarven blacksmith, Sindri, when he gives Kratos and Atreus mistletoe arrows. Sindri claims they are “straighter than Heimdall and perfectly weighted.”

6 Sif

A Goddess of fertility and harvest, Sif is the wife of Thor and the step-mother of Magni and Modi (who Kratos and Atreus killed in the previous game). Sif is briefly mentioned by Brok, another of the dwarven blacksmiths.

Not much else is said about Sif, but the fact that she is mentioned suggests that she does exist in the God of War universe. She could possibly make an appearance alongside her husband in the next game.

5 Ullr

Son of Sif and step-son of Thor, Ullr is the Norse god of hunting and is a master archer. Although Ullr is not seen in the 2018 game, he is mentioned by Atreus, who recalls his mother Faye used to tell him stories of the great hunter. Whenever he was lost in the woods, he would imagine himself as Ullr (or Týr).

In Norse mythology, little is known about Ullr, aside from his skills in archery, hunting, and skiing. Atreus speaks of Ullr with high regard, so it is possible he could appear in the next game, perhaps as a mentor. Alternatively, because Atreus is also a skilled archer, maybe there could be some kind of rivalry or competition between them.

4 Týr

Mentioned numerous times throughout Kratos and Atreus’ last journey (and depicted on a lot of artwork found throughout the game), Týr is the Norse god of war, making him the equivalent of Ares in Greek mythology. A major difference, however, is that Týr is said to fight for peace and justice. The bloodthirsty Ares, by contrast, fought primarily for power.

Mimir reveals that Týr was imprisoned by Odin in the hopes of learning where he hid the Jötnar (Also known as Giants). YouTuber and God of War enthusiast, Kaptain Kuba, suggests that Týr is still imprisoned in Asgard and that it may be up to Kratos and Atreus to free him, as they did with Mimir.

3 Angrboða

Mother of Fenrir, Hel, and Jörmangandr, Angrboða is said to be the wife of Loki in Norse mythology. Although he is still a boy, the existence of Atreus and Angrboða’s children, and the fact that her name is mentioned on a Jötnar Shrine, suggests that it’s possible she may appear during Ragnarok.

Perhaps she could be introduced as a love interest of Atreus and an ally of the young man and Kratos. Although, like many relationships in the God of War series, it is certainly possible that it’ll be a lot more complicated than that!

2  Odin

The Allfather, the Norse equivalent of Zeus, Odin is among the most powerful of all gods. He’s the ruler of the skies and of Asgard, where the Aesir gods reside. It is highly likely that Kratos and Atreus will at least meet Odin in the upcoming game, given that Ragnarok involves a huge battle that he is said to be a part of.

It is even possible that Odin will be one of the main antagonists in Ragnarok. Perhaps he’ll be seeking revenge for the death of his son Baldur and his two grandsons, Magni and Modi, all of whom were killed by Kratos and Atreus.

1 Thor

Fans who ventured back to Kratos’ residence after finishing the main story in the previous game did get a glimpse of Thor, in the secret ending cutscene. He was not formally introduced, however. In this cutscene, Kratos and Atreus awaken to a violent lightning storm and find a menacing hooded figure standing at their front door. When Kratos demands to know who the intruder is, the hooded man simply pulls back his robe to reveal a hammer hanging on his belt, emanating lightning (presumably the mighty Mjölnir).

If this scene acts as a segue into God of War: Ragnarok, it’s likely that Thor will be the first new god Kratos and Atreus meet (and perhaps even fight). In a similar fashion, he will probably be looking to avenge his sons Magni and Modi, as well as his brother Baldur.

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