10 Games To Play If You Like Gris

Gris is a side-scrolling, mysterious platforming game focused around a girl of the same name. She is navigating an abstract world of her own creation while suffering from a painful experience. Gris is known for its vibrant and creative use of color throughout its story. It is incredibly atmospheric, with limited text, allowing you to become fully immersed in its emotional tale.

If Gris leaves you eager for more platforming fun, heartfelt stories, and puzzle solving, plenty of other fantastic games are available to try next. From games with fantastic art styles to those with a protagonist as compelling as Gris, here are a selection of games you'll love.

10/10 Thomas Was Alone

Thomas Was Alone is a platforming game with an incredible story. Similar to Gris, this game is very simplistic in many ways. You guide a little rectangle through a series of platforming puzzles, yet you will soon become very attached to Thomas and all of the friends he makes along the way.

Thomas Was Alone has a quirky, lighthearted sense of humor, but does not shy away from heartfelt, emotional moments. It conveys a lot with simple shapes and a calming narration. The level design is creative, and the characters are all unique. This experience will stick with you long after you've finished it.

9/10 Spiritfarer

Spiritfarer is another side-scrolling adventure, just like Gris. However, instead of a focus on platforming, Spiritfarer is a relaxed management game. You get to arrange the layout of your boat, making space for the various spirit friends you meet. You get to take care of these spirits, but, eventually, you'll be helping them cross into the afterlife.

Spiritfarer explores similar themes to Gris, such as the impact of death and the need to move on to our next chapter in life. Despite its adorable characters and art style, this game will really pull at your heartstrings at various moments.

8/10 Timelie

In Timelie, you take on the role of a young girl and her pet cat. You awaken in a mysterious, vast realm full of dangerous robots. All hope is not lost, though, because you can see into the future and rewind time to avoid these robots detecting you. Timelie is a stealth puzzle game where you'll navigate each level, avoiding detection, and discovering the optimal path to the exit.

Similar to Gris, this enthralling game has no dialogue. Instead, the story is hinted at through symbols and clues, allowing you to craft your own theories about the story. You'll be rooting for the protagonist, doing whatever it takes to help her escape this eerie realm.

7/10 Ori And The Will Of The Wisps

Ori And The Will Of The Wisps is another beautiful and emotional side-scrolling platformer, just like Gris. You take on the role of a small, adorable spirit called Ori, and after separating from Ku the owl, you set off into the Silent Woods in search of them. Your journey is full of peril and adventure, but it also has a lot of heart.

Ori And The Will Of The Wisps can be a challenging experience at times, but its world is just as engaging as that of Gris. It has an incredibly orchestrated soundtrack, and it is so satisfying when you finish each level. All of this combines into an unforgettable experience.

6/10 Journey

Journey is an explorative, atmospheric game where you take on the role of a mysterious traveler trying to reach the top of a distant mountain. You must navigate the vast ruins of an ancient civilization, floating across platforms and using your magic scarf to unlock the right path to progress. It is a mostly solitary experience, similar to Gris. Still, sometimes you encounter other players and can assist one another through each level, or you can just sing together.

Journey is a beautiful game with a minimalist style, and it is a thoughtful experience, just like Gris. Both games provide a wordless story for you to enjoy. You won't want to rush through it, instead just savor the many stunning landmarks and gradually take in the subtle story. It is a short game, but well worth a playthrough.

5/10 Dreaming Sarah

Dreaming Sarah follows the adventures of Sarah, who, after getting into an accident, is now in a coma. She must progress through a surreal dream world in order to wake up, meeting quirky characters and exploring unique areas along the way. You'll be navigating a range of puzzles throughout your adventure, unlocking new items to help you progress through each level.

Just like Gris, Dreaming Sarah is a very personal story. It has an enthralling atmosphere and can get quite spooky at times too. It has a simple art style that fits well with the dream world it portrays. Dreaming Sarah is a short experience, but an enjoyable one. It also has two distinct endings to reach as well.

4/10 Discolored

If you enjoyed the creative use of color in Gris, you need to check out Discolored. Instead of a side-scrolling platformer, this game is in the first person. You have been tasked with investigating a roadside diner that has lost all of its colors. Will you be able to figure out how this happened?

Discolored is full of unique puzzles to solve, all focused on color. Initially, everything is in black and white, but as you explore the setting further, you can bring different colors back into existence. With the use of color, you'll be able to solve each puzzle, and it is always incredibly satisfying. The game has a mysterious atmosphere, and hints towards a grander story that will likely continue in the sequel game that is in development.

3/10 Shady Part Of Me

Shady Part Of Me is both a side-scrolling platformer and a 3D puzzle simultaneously. Half of the game is focused on your own shadow on the wall. You play as a young girl and a shadow, exploring an eerie, deserted building. They must help each other navigate each room, often using perspective and light to alter where they can move. This ensures a lot of creative level design and unique puzzles to overcome.

Like Gris, Shady Part Of Me is often surreal and dream-like throughout its emotional narrative. The story is usually left up to your interpretation. It is mysterious but compelling throughout.

2/10 Celeste

Celeste follows the journey of Madeline, as she attempts to reach the top of Celeste Mountain. But this is no ordinary mountain — it is full of danger and supernatural encounters. Similar to Gris, this isn't just a platforming puzzle game. Celeste tells a very personal story, exploring important themes of depression, overcoming insecurities, and acceptance of yourself. The story is engaging, the gameplay is enjoyable, and the soundtrack is pretty great too.

Celeste has a vibrant art style, many compelling characters to meet, and of course, many tricky platforming levels to challenge you. So, be sure to check out some helpful tips before diving into this fun game.

1/10 Eternal Hope

Eternal Hope is a beautiful game inspired by the works of Studio Ghibli. As with Gris, you are in for a beautifully designed side-scrolling platform and puzzle game with a quiet, compelling protagonist. The story follows Ti'bi, who is set on resurrecting the soul of his departed girlfriend. Of course, this is no easy task, as he must venture into the Shadow World and take on many dangers and mysterious challenges.

Eternal Hope has a fascinating story. It crafts an engaging world filled with unique entities to interact with. The puzzles are satisfying to solve too. Eternal Hope is really worth playing after you are finished with Gris and want another emotional story to get lost in.

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