Terra Battle, The Mobile RPG From Final Fantasy's Creator, Is Shutting Dowm

Terra Battle, a 2014 mobile game from developer Mistwalker and producer Hironobu Sakaguchi–best known as the creator of Final Fantasy–will soon shut down all services. An upcoming termination of service has been announced, which will effectively end support for the game.

Service for the game will terminate on June 30, at midnight UTC. The in-game Energy currency has already been discontinued, so you cannot spend money on it in-game. On June 15, players will be unable to transfer or recover game data, and at the end of the month the game will end.

Sakaguchi wrote a note to fans alongside the announcement, expressing his “deep regret” that Mistwalker has to terminate services for the game. “I am so grateful for all the fans who played Terra Battle for nearly six years,” his statement reads. “I personally learned a lot from this experience, and am constantly reminded that ‘there are no paths that aren’t worth taking.’ I am very thankful to have had such an experience.”

Mistwalker is currently working on Fantasian, a new game for Apple Arcade. They also previously released Terra Battle 2 in 2017, but it proved less successful than its predecessor, and was shutdown one year later.

Mistwalker is also the developer of several console RPGs, including the excellent Wii game The Last Story and the Xbox 360 classic Lost Odyssey. In 2014, GameSpot interviewed Sakaguchi about Terra Battle and developing games for mobile–you can check that out here, and it’s still well worth a read.

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