Fortnite's The Device Event Opens Up Wild Season 3 Fan Theories

Fortnite: Battle Royale’s special in-game event, The Device, has finally happened. Midas activated his special weapon causing a storm that destroyed The Agency and submerged most of the map under a giant wall of water. That’s all we know until Season 3 kicks off on June 17.

Those moments in Fortnite’s latest live event were great, but they aren’t as important as what happened in between them. As the map was getting decimated by the huge wall of water, players were given quick glimpses of an office somewhere else in the game. These short bits gave us more info about the world of Fortnite than any previous event.

Players got to walk around the office, which appears to belong to Fortnite’s trademark blonde guy Jonesy, with the camera in first person (if you looked down you could see whichever skin you have equipped). The walls were decorated with pictures of Jonesy and what appear to be other characters from Fortnite: Save the World’s cast, although it’s not exactly clear who they are. Files labeled “top secret” with images of Midas and other characters were laying on the desk.

These scenes seem to give credence to the idea that Fortnite: Battle Royale is one big simulation: players are just avatars fighting on a digital island. This is the reason why a drone scans the player when they get eliminated and there is no blood when someone dies. Players believe the “loop” Jonesy mentioned during The Device event refers to players dying and then starting a new game.

This idea is widespread in the Fortnite community, with many players saying these cut scenes prove the idea that the battle royale mode is a simulation and Jonesy is a much bigger character in the game’s universe.

“Jonesy may be the CEO of the simulation (battle royale mode) or the head of the Seven? He was amazed that we appeared in his office as we are not real,” wrote one redditor in a post on r/FortniteBR. “So this, and a glitched screen (that apparently only appeared for some players), confirms that the battle royale is just a simulation that was made by Vindermann.”

This is the point where fan theories start to diverge. Some players think that every major event in Fortnite: Battle Royale has been about trying to break out of the simulation, while others believe Jonesy’s company is training heroes for an upcoming event. The biggest question that remains is how all this ties together. If this is all a simulation then why is Midas setting off a mysterious device? Why was Jonesey asking if we could hear him? What’s the purpose of the two organizations, Shadow and Ghost?

We’ll get more information in the coming days as Fortnite: Season 3 begins. Epic Games posted a cryptic image of some sort of object in front of the water which players believe to be some sort of trident.

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