Call of Duty Mobile's Next Update Brings A New Battle Royale Map And More

According to a community update from Activision, Call of Duty Mobile will be expanding its battle royale map in the next update, bringing not only new areas for combat but also things like new vehicles. This update was scheduled to fall around June 4, roughly the same time that a Ranked Mode season would kick off, but it has been delayed in the wake of the George Floyd homicide.

The upcoming update was announced on the official Call of Duty Mobile subreddit on May 29 by the Activision team. A Ranked Mode refresh and the new battle royale map are expected to be implemented in the game in early June.

The month of May was home to a number of other season events such as the Ride Off Into the Sunset event and the currently active Gun Game Team Fight. Rapid Fire Mode is also now available in Multiplayer on Call of Duty Mobile and will be until June 4, with the team promising that it is likely to return based on feedback from the community.

Call of Duty Mobile is reportedly adding the gulag from Warzone soon, so it may be that the new battle royale maps have that feature incorporated into it on launch—this has not yet been confirmed by Activision. The new season is officially launching next week according to the Call of Duty Mobile Twitter account, and a number of those aforementioned locations have already been confirmed in a teaser video as being:

  • Black Market
  • Downtown
  • Frigid Wetland
  • Harbor
  • Heat
  • Sanitarium
  • Ski Town

The Call of Duty Mobile team noted in its original Reddit announcement that more details would follow on social media over the next few days, so players wanting to get the drop on more information to do with these new battle royale maps, vehicles, and locations should keep their eyes peeled.

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