are the first team to qualify to the EU Upper Division

With the new Dota 2 Pro Circuit League season almost ready to kick off for the European region, one thing was left – the decider tournament, of which the first team would qualify today and reach the upper division.

This year would see a massive change to the Dota 2 Pro Circuit as a regional league would occur before only two Majors that occur through the year. The first League season is only a week away but before that we would see a decider tournament for the EU region, which would place teams in either the upper or lower division. All eight teams directly invited into the decider tournament have already seen some action and a couple have already been sent into the lower division – but today we would see the first qualifiers to the upper division: joining the likes of OG, Team Liquid, Team Secret and Team Nigma. and Chicken Fighters were the two teams fighting for the first spot in a fantastic series.

Although the first game begun in a relatively even manner, once CF had found their footing, they quickly ran away with things, pummeling Vikin into the ground and allowing no real room for a comeback. While Vikin did almost find their way back into the game, the door was quickly slammed shut as CF took a 1-0 lead in the series. However, drafting a Bounty Hunter for their next two games seemed to be the factor that changed everything as were not to be outdone. CF quickly fell behind as the bounties begun to stack up and their opponents never took their foot off the gas once in the two final games.

It didn’t take long for CF to tap out on both occasions, knowing that they would be unable to make any sort of comeback against, as they rolled on to a 2-1 series victory. With that, would become the first EU team to qualify to the upper division from the decider tournament – with another joining them later in the day.

For Chicken Fighters, things are not over just yet as they will drop into the lower bracket of the decider and have another shot at reaching the upper division of the League when they face Hellbear Smashers tomorrow.

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