Viego to remain disabled for LEC playoffs Daily Esports

LEC commissioner Maximilian Peter Schmidt has announced that Viego will remain disabled for the entire playoff stage of the LEC and presumably worldwide. The champion has had many balancing and bug issues since its introduction to the game. The commissioner teased the Ruined King’s debut for playoffs a week ago, but teams ultimately couldn’t prepare to play with him in time due to persistent issues in competitive play.

With the wording of the announcement, there may be hope that the champion could be available for teams come the Mid-Season Invitational.

The various Viego bugs

Viego is a unique champion in League of Legends. His kit brings a whole new mechanic to the game. He possesses enemy champions with their items and abilities available to him. With a new mechanic like this, bugs and glitches are common. But with Viego, the problems have persisted well past his initial release, leading to him being disabled in competitive play.

Viego debuted on Jan. 21 and has been a regular character in LEC updates.

Viego in solo queue and pro play

The champion has yet to make his debut in a major region. He is banned in all leagues except the now-defunct Oceania league. In the region, Viego has had four appearances with a 3-1 record. Jungle was his intended role on release, but his appearances in Oceania have been in the mid lane. According to, the Ruined King is played in top, mid and jungle in solo queue with his highest win rate in mid lane at 50%.

The meta around the champion involves building a mainly AD assassin build. In Oceania Ryan “Swathe” Gibbons, who has the most games on Viego with two, built Kraken Slayer as his Mythic item. He also bought Blade of the Ruined King and Plated Steelcaps as his boots of choice.

For the next stage of professional competition, either MSI or the Summer Split, fans and pros should expect to see Viego hit the rift in a stage game sometime soon.

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