Valve gives one month to tournament organizers to submit proposals for the 2020-2021 season

Three days after they announced the restructure of the Dota Pro Circuit for the season starting after TI10, Valve launches a call for submissions giving the tournament organizers interested to host a Major or a League only a month to put together and pitch a detailed plan.

While for most of the tournament organizers who might want to host a Dota 2 Major has become crystal clear over the past couple of years what kind of resources they need, not only monetary, but also what kind of logistics a tournament of this magnitude implies, the newly announced Regional Leagues are somewhat a mystery. However, in the call for submissions, Valve does give a few guidelines. The Dota 2 developer is looking for submissions for a total of 18 Leagues, which means that six different companies or studios can be involved in a season of Regional Leagues.

Regional Leagues seasons:

  • Season 1: Oct 5th – Nov 15th
  • Season 2: Jan 4th – Feb 14th (Chinese season will be compressed shorter to accommodate for Chinese New Year)
  • Season 3: Apr 12th – May 23rd

According to the official announcement, when applying for a league, the TO must host both the Upper and the Lower Leagues of a region. Valve is also stating that a TO can apply for multiple Leagues, but that they “aren’t interested in proposals that have a single organizer operating all leagues.”

One of the main requests for tournament organizers is that for the Upper League they provide a full studio production with panel and observers from all 3 major languages (English, Russian, Chinese). They should also provide an official stream for Spanish and Portuguese. Proposals should also contain as many details about the broadcast as possible (number and type of talent, broadcast plans, additional content production plans, etc.)

Each League will require a prize pool commitment from the tournament organizer of $140,000 per season, which will be matched by Valve.


Season 1 Major: Dec 11th – Dec 20th

  • Wildcard: Dec 11th -12th
  • Group Stage: Dec 13th -14th
  • Playoffs: Dec 16th -20th

Season 2 Major: Mar 12th – Mar 21st

  • Wildcard: Mar 12th -13th
  • Group Stage: Mar 14th -15th
  • Playoffs: Mar 17th – 21st

Season 3 Major: June 25th – July 4th

  • Wildcard: Jun 25th -26th
  • Group Stage: Jun 27th – 28th
  • Playoffs: Jun 30th – Jul 4th

When applying for hosting one of the three Majors, tournament organizers need to take into consideration the following: Majors will require a prize pool commitment from the tournament organizer of $250,000, which will be matched by Valve. The event must have at least 3 days in a setting with public attendance. Must provide official streams for the following languages: English, Russian, Chinese, Spanish and Portuguese.

Proposals are accepted until March 31, 2020. Valve will assign the Majors and Leagues to tournament organizers no later than April 21, 2020.


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