Ubisoft releases Twitch Prime set for Rainbow Six Siege’s Maestro

Maestro players in Rainbow Six Siege have a new cosmetic up for grabs and it’s free if you have Twitch Prime. Prime subscribers can now get a skin set for Maestro, which consists of a uniform, headgear, weapon skin, and a gun charm. The novelty is the second of three sets available on the platform.

The set dresses Maestro in a camouflage pattern. His body armor and beret are dyed in a bright yellow camo, which is replicated to a degree on his signature LMG, the ALDA 5.56. Players also get a specific weapon charm that showcases the character’s symbol and Gladiator helmet, also in yellow.

Maestro’s set is the second Twitch Prime reward set available this year. Ubisoft released a set for the operator Twitch (a fitting choice) and will release one for Mozzie in the future.

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