TYLOO & ORDER secure spots at Asia Minor

While neither team made it in a clean sweep, TYLOO and ORDER were able to bounce back from their upper bracket final defeats to earn their place at the Asia Minor. TYLOO had lost to ViCi while ORDER fell to Renegades in the initial decider matches.

TYLOO was able to bounce back in the consolidation final against EHOME. The teams battled it out on Mirage and Dust2 where TYLOO would sweep their opposition with a 16-7 and 16-12 win. HaoWen “somebody” Xu netted an impressive +17 kill-to-death differential alongside 97.4 average damage per round across the series to lead the server.

ORDER managed to pull off a sweep of their own in their match against Chiefs. Nuke was nearly as bad as it can get if you’re a Chiefs fan as the team only managed to get one round across the entire series to narrowly avoid a 16-0. They would muster up enough to make the second map of Train competitive, however, nearly pushing it the full 30 rounds in a 16-13 loss to end their run and ensure ORDER’s place at the Asia Minor. Alistair “AliStair” Johnston finished with a +22 k/d differential alongside 96.9 ADR.

Asia Minor team list:

  • Mazaalai
  • Renegades
  • ViCi
  • Southeast Asia
  • Middle East

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