TSM's Daequan to stream today for first time in 2020

The last time fans saw popular Fortnite pro Daequan streaming was when he still had a Santa Claus hat on last December. After a month hiatus, the 25-year-old has finally unveiled that he’ll be streaming today, for the first time this year.

The talented streamer has been playing alongside Hamlinz and Myth as a part of TSM’s pro Fortnite team. He joined the team in 2018 but hasn’t been able to maintain a consistent streaming schedule due to several issues, including some problems with his spine.

“I think this really could be it, because every single test for every single thing for the past five years I been going through this stuff, has always come back negative,” Daequan said last year. “I’m healthy and whole in every aspect but this pain is too weird and it radiates up my neck.”

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