TSM Partners React to Naming Rights Deal – The Esports Observer

Esports organization TSM recently announced one of the largest publicly disclosed sponsorship deals in esports history: A $210M USD naming rights partnership with cryptocurrency exchange FTX. The organization will now go by “TSM FTX” on all social platforms and in most esports competitions. Notably, Riot Games’ sponsorship policy prohibits the new name from being used in the LCS or in official Valorant competitions.

The deal is a substantial change for one of the largest and oldest North American esports brands. “This exciting new partnership with FTX ushers in a new era for all of TSM FTX’s important partners- including the longstanding relationships we currently have, and those we plan to work with in the future,” TSM FTX SVP of Sales Ned Watkins told Sports Business Journal. “Our dedication to performance and innovation, combined with our focus on investment in both North America and globally expands the visibility for our organization and all of our brand partners. Exciting times ahead.”

TSM works with a number of brand partners who will now be associated with the new name. Two of the organization’s longest-running partners expressed their feelings on the partnership as well.

“Logitech G and TSM have a long history of partnership and shared vision of high performance and innovation, and this new chapter is no exception,” said Logitech G General Manager Ujesh Desai. “With this new era, we have even more resources and shared opportunities to develop products and technology that optimize performance, and advance the reach of esports around the world. What an exciting time.”

Executive Director of Consumer Category at Lenovo Giovanni Sena added that “As a long-standing partner of TSM, Lenovo is thrilled for their organization and this new exciting partnership they have formed with FTX. This new partnership will enable TSM to expand their training capabilities while also investing in the best available esports talent. We are excited to watch the subsequent global expansion of TSM unfold with best-in-class talent and content capabilities.”

Following the new partnership announcement, a billboard went up on the ResortsWorld building in Las Vegas which highlighted not only the new team name, but TSM’s other brand partners as well.

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