This Elderwood skin concept envisions Zoe as a spirit and protector of the forest

League of Legends‘ Elderwood skin line is one of the more aesthetic cosmetic series that the game has to offer. One talented artist has imagined the Aspect of Twilight, Zoe, as a protector of the woodland that many others have struggled to protect.

Artist Elisa Rio gave Zoe a great Elderwood makeover, complete with a new color palette and design. The concept still stays true to the champion’s original adventurous, joyful self, while also splashing in some necessary accents to differentiate her from the other versions.

Zoe is rocking a hairstyle that fades from red to blonde and flows behind her while she walks. She also has wood on her arms and legs and even has horns sprouting from her temples to give the impression that she’s a creature that’s come from the forest.

Rio also showed off a number of other concepts that she’s made. One concept, for example, made Zoe look a lot more in tune with nature. She had more leaves and flowers growing from her body, an extra set of horns, and sharper, elven-like ears instead of the rounded, human ears she has in the final product.

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