These are the decks that won the first Legends of Runeterra invitational

Organized by AFK Creators, the EU Creators Invitational (EUCI) gathered 24 of the brightest Legends of Runeterra players in Europe for the first ever invitational in the game. After a few hours of streaming madness, where fans had to follow multiple MultiTwitch rooms to get the full picture of the tournament, Tilted_22 emerged as champion, defeating FirstPinkBeaver in the finals.

For some, the grand final pairing might’ve come as a surprise, considering the list of heavy hitters that were lined-up for the event, including Mikuláš “Pokrovac” Dio, Mateusz “Alanzq” Jasiński, Miguel “Mogwai” Guerrero,
Dawid “Zetalot” Skalski, and more. But the high level of play from Tilted_22, combined with his excellent choice of decks, got him the gold in the end.

Tilted_22’s EUCI winning decks

Tilted_22 relied on tried and true decks that have been dominating the ladder for the past weeks. He prepared a trio of lists — an I/F Elusive aggro, a Rally Mistwraiths list, and an Ezreal combo — opting not to go for the very popular S/I Spooky Karma control, that was also in many players’ line-ups.

The lists are pretty standard as well, so you can take any of those decks, bring it to ladder, and climb reliably. They are not anti-meta or tournament-specific by any means, so if you want to netdeck them for ladder — you can.

I/F Elusive aggro burn:

Rally Mistwraiths:

Ezreal combo:

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