The TI10 Battle Pass Sideshop is shutting down, old features make a return

Valve has made additional changes to this year’s Battle Pass after earlier this week they also increased the Battle Points rewards based on community feedback.

With the latest update, Vave has shut down Sithil and Quirt’s Sideshop, a feature newly implemented and inspired from the Dota Underlords that allowed players to spend Battle Pass gold for a chance at earning item sets and to recycle Battle Pass Immortals, among other things that could be done. 

According to the official announcement, “for players that have already recycled immortals, the system will automatically back fill your progress on this replaced system and grant you additional immortal treasures as appropriate. Any rewards previously earned through the Sideshop will remain in player inventories, and if you still have gold and wish to continue rolling in the Sideshop, you can use the dota_show_sideshop command” in the console.

Since the Sideshop has shut down, players will no longer require Tickets in order to enter the daily Gauntlet Battle Pass challenge. 

Weekly wagering is also reverted back to how it worked in the TI9 Battle Pass, with weekly battle points available from wagering now back to its old amount. 

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