The three decks that won the latest Duels of Runeterra SEA tournament

The second ever Duels of Runeterra SEA tournament happened over the weekend, crowning Ronald as the new champion. The event happened during a quiet time for the game, with the metagame more or less fixed on a handful of top decks with little movement in terms variety.

Ronald used two of the best lists in the current patch — Veimerdinger Control and Endure Midrange — pairing them with the less orthodox TF/Swain Tempo Midrange. All three decks are great for ladder as well, so feel free to netdeck them and start climbing.

Kalista Endure

Invented by Swim, the Kalista Endure Midrange (or Endure Aristocrats) is the latest iteration of the old Endure lists, who previously used either Spiders or Mistwraiths as their early and mid-game play before dropping They Who Endure. Modern lists now use Last Breath followers (a.k.a Aristocrats) like Avarosan Sentry and Cursed Keeper, as well as Neverglade Collector to drain the enemy Nexus, preparing it for a massive Endure drop.

The Aristocrats theme goes well with Kalista, who is paired with Elise for early and mid game pressure.

TF/Swain Midrange Tempo

The TF/Swain deck is a bit off-meta and certainly not the absolute best deck for ladder, but it works well in tournaments where you can ban bad match-ups. The deck starts by dealing chip Nexus damage to trigger Plunder effects and level up Swain in the process, using Twisted Fate to control the board.

Once leveled up Swain and The Leviathan come down to execute a full stun-lock combo and win the late game. Riptide Rex is alternative board clear/win condition as well.

Vi/Heimer Control

There isn’t anything new to say about the continued best control deck in the format. Use Vi to kill stuff and apply pressure until you find Heimerdinger. Then, generate endless amount of turrets and win away.

Still the same, still works, still wrecks people on ladder.

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