Teamfight Tactics devs Set 3: Galaxies focus will be on more “high-impact and exciting” spells

Teamfight Tactics developers certainly learn from their mistakes.

TFT lead designer Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer reflected on Rise of the Elements in a Dev Post today, breaking down what will be different for the upcoming Set Three: Galaxies. Though the autobattler’s second season introduced some fun new mechanics, it still fell short in a couple of areas.

Here are some ways in which TFT devs will try to improve going forward.

Spell impact and excitement

Set one had many exciting and game-changing spells. Whether it was Karthus blasting the entire enemy team or Sejuani freezing unsuspecting enemies, it was great to see your units pull off such game-changing moments. Rise of the Elements moved away from this kind of exciting and impactful gameplay, according to Mortdog.

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