Team Liquid win the tierbreaker to elimate Thunder Predator from Dota Summit 12

Team Liquid started the Dota Summit 12 with a bad first day, but they ended the second and last day of the group stage on a postive note. Liquid were tied in points with Thunder Predator for the 4th and 5th spots and it all came down a Bo1 tierbreaker. The South American team seemed to be in control with a 7k net worth lead. They killed off the enemy Dragon Knight and headed for the Rosh pit, but Liquid were able to hold them off until DK came back and turned the fight around, which is where the game turned around. Liquid were the team with the Spectre, so they were always going to win in the late game. TP’s Lifestealer did get a Divine Rapier to try and stop the final onslaught, but it was too little, too late. Liquid now joins Fnatic, OG Seed and Evil Geniuses in the playoffs. Thunder Predator have been eliminated from the tournament along with Cloud9.

There was also a tie at the top of the table with both, Fnatic and OG Seed level with 7 points. That tie was decided with a coin flip, which Fnatic won and they decided to pick Team Liquid as their first playoff opponents.

Only epic zoom ins during #LOOTBETDS12 coin flips?@FNATIC wins the coin flip, making the opening game tomorrow @EvilGeniuses vs @OGesports.Seed!


OG Seed will face Evil Geniuses, who have looked lacklustre in the group stages. Fnatic, who have not lost a series yet (just like OG Seed), will face Team Liquid, who have some work to do to prove their critics wrong.

The 12th of March will see one team eliminated from the event and only three remain. The top three will battle it out on the 13th of April for the Summit 12 trophy.

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