T1 secure top spot in LCK with win against SANDBOX

Faker and Cuzz led T1 to a commanding 2-0 victory today in Korea’s LCK, beating SANDBOX Gaming in under 60 minutes of game time. 

T1 now sit at the top of the LCK standings with seven wins and one loss. Gen.G trail one game behind them. 

This was the fifth consecutive win for T1, a team that’s steadily improved over the course of the Spring Split. T1 had a precarious offseason, losing multiple key members. Longtime coach kkOma left for Vici Gaming, top laner Khan went to FunPlus Phoenix, and jungler Clid joined Gen.G last December. 

Many pundits feared T1 would lag behind in Korea. But with the additions of coach Kim Jeong-soo, top laners Canna and Roach, and jungler Cuzz, they’ve thrived. 

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