SuperGen Education Closes Undisclosed Series A Funding Round – The Esports Observer

SuperGen Education, the esports education division of Chinese property company SuperGen Group announced that it has closed an undisclosed Series A funding round, led by venture capital firm Shanghai Yuangui Asset Management. In addition, Jitang Qiu, the general manager of SuperGen Education, revealed during an interview with Chinese esports outlet Esports Money that the amount was more than ¥30M RMB ($4.7M USD).

SuperGen Education is also one of the esports education partners of Tencent Esports. During last year’s Tencent Global Esports Summit in Hainan, Tencent Esports and SuperGen Education released their co-branded esports course books, including “An Introduction to Esports,” “General Esports Industry,” “Esports User Analysis,” and “Esports Career Planning.”

In fact, 电竞教育 (Esports Education) is a new popular Chinese term along with the rise of esports in China. The concept of this term originated in 2014. It’s an esports-derived new business that mainly connects with the education industry, including higher education, professional education, public education, and ethical education. SuperGen Education is China’s first esports education company that completed a Series A funding round.

SuperGen Group also owns Edward Gaming (EDG), one of the most historical esports organizations in China. Some executives from EDG are also esports teachers at SuperGen Education, teaching students and designing esports courses. In January, SuperGen announced that its $1.5B “Shanghai International Culture and Creative Esports Center” began construction in the city. It’s more likely SuperGen will also add its esports education business into this center.

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