Strange Fortnite mechanic makes rockets bounce off C4

Along with the release of Fortnite Season 2, a new mechanic has emerged. This is giving players new ways to use rocket launchers in battle. Rocket launchers are a popular weapon in Fortnite as they are an effective way to both destroy builds and kill players. However, adding Remote Explosives into the mix gives the weapon further abilities.

  • The rocket mechanic

    A clip was uploaded to the Fortnite Reddit page where a player demonstrates the new mechanic. The player appears to be playing on mobile, showing that it works across various platforms. The player places a Remote Explosive on the ground, then shoots the Remote Explosive with a rocket, causing the rocket to bounce up into the air. In the comments section underneath the clip, a Fortnite fan asks, “Does this work if you stick C4 to a ceiling?” The player that uploaded the clip responded stating that it does work. Also, this mechanic can be used in different directions.

  • How to make rockets bounce
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      There are potentially situations where this feature can be used to a Fortnite player’s advantage. If a player is building up and has a height advantage, C4 can be thrown under their build. Then the use of rockets that will be sent to the sky can destroy the vast majority of their build. In addition, since the mechanic can work in a variety of directions, it can be used to destroy a building that an enemy may be hiding in.

      However, the mechanic may be quite difficult to master as it places the player in a potentially dangerous situation. This is because it is very easy for a player to eliminate themselves if the player stands too close to the rocket or C4. It may take a lot of practice before players can use it in combat!

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