Smooya announces free agency again, wishes to compete in Europe or North America

Owen “smooya” Butterfield is once again a free agent. The 20-year-old made the announcement (again) on Twitter and states that he is “open to all offers” in both Europe and North america. He is looking for a chance to prove himself “especially after the way my time in Chaos ended” he explained.

In terms of his Chaos experience, “The ongoing pandemic has placed his visa interview on indefinite hiatus, and has stopped him from being able to compete with the team in the United States. Smooya will be searching for a new team to play for immediately. ,” Chaos said in a tweet regarding their decision. During his time with Chaos, Smooya posted some pretty impressive numbers albeit not against the worlds best teams on any consistent level.

A little while later it was rumored he would be joining Chinese organization TIGER alongside Marco “Snappi” Pfeiffer. This would not come to fruition as the organization’s recent results would have them change course and continue with their current lineup. While Snappi was then brought in to help Astralis’ currently player burnout problem, Smooya was left in need of a home once again.

Prior to all of this, Smooya had been a member of BIG before asking to be benched from the lineup. He would return but the results thereafter would not lead to a permanent stay for the British player.

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