Samsora wins Super Smash Bros. Ultimate at CEO Dreamland, donates portion of winnings

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate at CEO Dreamland featured plenty of top talent despite dozens of players pulling out due to the coronavirus outbreak, which led to an extremely fun top cut that Samsora dominated. 

Samsora crushed the group stage and proceeded to tear through the winner’s bracket without dropping a single set. Even against some strong competition like Kobe Murray and Aaron “dyr” Wilhite, the Peach main controlled almost every game. 

There wasn’t a single moment where Samsora was not in the lead or at least even with his opponent in terms of games taken. He did end up avoiding players like Marss, MVD, and Gabriel “Epic_Gabriel” Romero in the bracket, but that doesn’t make his run any less impressive. 

And while Samsora’s ability to run through winner’s was impressive, this was a big moment in the competitive scene for Kolawole “Kola” Aideyan and his Roy. Currently ranked as the 46th player in the world, Kola was able to beat Kobe, Epic_Gabriel, and Gakuto “Gackt” Ito to make it into the top four. 

From there, he beat Marss in a game five set, earning one of, if not the biggest win of his career before beating Zack “ZD” Darby and making it to the grand finals. 

Even though Kola had been playing exclusively Roy, it seemed he panicked after losing game one against Samsora. Something must have felt off with his play as he swapped off Roy and fell back on his Smash 4 main, Cloud, to try and take out the top Peach in the world. 

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